28 May 2009

Lucy's New Bed

Today I took Lucy to the groomers, and she had a bit of a trim as well as a wash and blow dry. I love it after she has been there, she smells and feels so good! Her fur is so soft, and not maulting all over the place either!
Then I went and got her a new inside bed, since it is getting so cold and she likes to come in and lay on the tiles at night (she is not allowed in the rooms with carpet, because her hair is so hard to get out!). She is pretty pleased with the new bed, and I am sure it is a lot more comfy than lying on the cold tiles. She hasn't moved out of it since I put it down! Unfortunately she is still in the habit of sucking on her blankie (that little purple rag in the bed!) The vet said it is not a problem and she seems to like it, but I worry that it is the result of some deep psychological issue! lol

1 comment:

Debbie M said...

What a beautiful dog. And a good dog too by the sounds of it :)

Beautiful cards always.

Debbie M