05 June 2009

Beyond annoyed!!

Today Claudia got an honour certificate at school (but no, that is not why I am annoyed).
The reason I am angry is that the teacher didn't feel the need to tell me she was getting one! Apparently the notes never went out and for some reason she couldn't manage to pick up the damn phone and call to tell me!
In the 9 years that my girls have been at school I have NEVER missed them getting a certificate, even when I worked full time. So naturally she got up when her name was called and looked around everywhere for me ... and she was quite teary when she got in the car this afternoon and wanted to know why I didn't come today!! I know it is too late now, but I am going to say something to the teacher on Monday because it is not good enough! The kids only usually get 1 a year each so it is a big deal to them. And especially because next week is her last week at this school before we move, so as Claudia said 'it was a special one'.
Anyway, here is a pic of my baby at home with her certificate. It is hard to read ... but this is what she received it for:
"For the pleasing effort Claudia puts into her story writing. She has a terrific imagination and writes well constructed, entertaining and funny stories. We wish her all the best in her move to Perth. We will miss you Claudia!"

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