30 June 2009

My New Space :)

Well here it is ... just a few more bits and pieces to do like tidy up the cords and put up my notice boards on the wall behind my compter table (then I will post pics of that wall). But here are some just to give you an idea. I decided after sampling a LOT of colours that I would stick with green, although it is a lot different from the old colour. This new one (called Barley Grass by British Paints) is more lime and a lot 'fresher' than the last room if that makes sense? I have also changed my desk to a taller one which is set at bench height (the legs are adjustable) so that I have the option of standing to work or I can sit on a stool. It's good to have the option as quite often I like to stand and work.
Pics 1 & 2 - before!

Pic 3 - Looking in from the door Pic 4 - my shelves Pic 5 - The opposite wall Pic 6 - My work desk Pic 7 - close up of my wall where I have punches, pencils etc. I will post more pics when I finish the other wall where I have my computer desk. I also have a double closet which houses another bookcase with mags, photo albums etc inside. Now I can go and get it all messy ... that's the best bit!

Just FYI - the vinyl lettering for my wall was purchased from http://www.onceuponadesign.com/


Patricia Garcia said...

Wow looks really nice and the green color looks good for relaxing in the room. Lucky you that you get to have your own room for all your goodies, I have to have my desk in the den which I share with everyone else.

Michellena317 said...

Wow! Your studio is amazing. I saw you over at stampin addicts and decided to pop by your blog. I am trying to get my space together in my basement. You have inspired me!

I've always wanted to visit Australia, it looks beautiful. Maybe one day.