12 June 2009

My Town ... but not for long!

I am so sad to be leaving Kalgoorlie ... after spending all of my married life here, and raising my children here up until now, it really is home to me. Who would have thought that a girl from Sydney who couldn't wait to get out of here 15 years ago would come to love it so much! Part of me is so excited about moving on to something different, and part of me is heartbroken to be leaving this small town that I have come to love so much.
So today while the kids were spending their last day at school here, I drove around and took a few pics. Nothing exciting, just the roads I drive every day.
Kalgoorlie- Boulder. Population 32,039. When we came here 15 years ago it was around the 25,000 mark.Coming into the main street of town.
The Kalgoorlie Hotel aka 'Judds' pub ... many a night spent here!
The main street ... the clock is part of the old post office building.
The Town Hall ... recently painted pink ... why, I have no idea!
Coming back down the main road from the other direction.
The Exchange Hotel (affectionately called the 'sexchange') Most popular Skimpy pub and also where Gerard has done most of his gigs with the band over the years. And yep,it is pretty much a hole ... but a real icon in town!
Perth ... only 590kms away. Here we come!
And this is what I have to look forward to pretty much the WHOLE way! Yep, a real scenic drive this one. LOL
Bye Bye Kalgoorlie ... I really will miss you! xxx


Pam said...

I have to laugh at a small town having a population of 32,000. My small town has around 10,000 and it was 6,000 when we moved here 16 years ago. Great shots! Good luck with the move! You need to send me your new addy so I can send you milanos!!

Robyn said...

Great pics Jodene! My parents lived in Kalgoorlie when they were first married but I have never been there. Good luck with the move and settling in!!

Julie Hughes-Owen said...

I discovered your blog a couple of years ago not long after we had left Kalgoorlie. We weren't there long but we weren't ready to leave at the time. I have found it comforting to here your news of Kalgoorlie over the years and I love seeing the creative things you have made.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane today and good luck with your move.


Andrea said...

What a great idea! Good luck with the move. It sounds like it will be a terrific experience!
Congrats, I've given you a blog award!

Patricia Garcia said...

Good luck with the move, cant wait to see some new creations!!

Karen said...

Hi Jodene!

Gosh I felt sad for you leaving your town behind and those photos......I bet you were sad uploading them! Hope you settle in real soon!

Luv Karen