18 July 2009

Holiday Movies

Well over the holidays we managed to get out and see a couple of movies. Last Tuesday we went with some friends to see Hannah Montanna. Surprisingly it wasn't too bad. If you have to sit through a kids movie, this one isn't too hard to handle and the girls really enjoyed it so that is the main thing.

And on Wednesday we went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Since we are all HP fans, we booked our tickets for the very first session just over a week earlier and hubby even had the day off so we could all go together.
The movie was great although I have to admit to being quite disappointed with the ending. They could have easily have edited out some of the earlier parts (which weren't even in the book) and given more time to what should have been the biggest scene of the whole movie. A pity really, because the ending could have been so fantastic.

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