10 October 2009

An afternoon in Kings Park

Since the weather was so beautiful this morning we thought we would head out to Kings Park for the afternoon, since it was my mother-in-laws last day with us before flying home tomorrow. And of course, as soon as we got in the car to go it came over all cloudy and started to rain! But we went ahead anyway and still managed to have a nice time despite the change in the weather. Here are just a few of the one hundred photos we took!

The view of the city from one of the lookouts.

The girls in front of the Pioneer Womens Fountain.

Me and the girls on one of the walkways.

The girls with their grandmother in front of some of the wildflowers.
Me and Claudia inside the War Memorial.
My beautiful family :)
The eternal flame with the War Memorial in the background. What a pity about the dark skies!

These babies were just so adorable!
All of the next pics are just some random Native and Wildflower pics. They were so pretty!

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