14 October 2009

Some sense of normality

Well almost :) On Sunday my mother-in-law flew home and then the girls went back to school this week, although one started on Monday and the other on Tuesday. It will be great to get back to my regular routine as I find my house gets in quite a state of disarray when everyone is around all the time! Although hubby has decided to have an extra week off and is still at home, but since he prefers to play his guitar most of the time he doesn't bother me too much except at feeding times. LOL But to be honest, he has been away so much this year that it is really nice having him around. We are even going to go to the movies once we can decide what we want to see.

So now it is back to school drop offs, housework and gym visits (hopefully 3-4 a week). And I may even get some more stamping done. I really want to get back into my scrapbooking too so I might go and get a heap of new photos printed for some motivation.

I also want to make a start on my Christmas cards and saw a great idea on another blog a while ago, where you get all of your themed stamps, embellishments etc together (in my case Xmas) and put them all in a basket on your desk so that you have everything on hand. Sounds like a great idea - I will let you know if it works out!

And judging by this photo even Kitty is glad to have the normal routine back. She seems to stay out of the way on the holidays, but usually she can be found pretty close to where I am. And at this very moment she is waiting for me on my (messy) craft table saying 'come on woman, are we going to get to work or what?' Yes, I understand kitty talk, didn't you know?

Hope your week is a great one!

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Robyn said...

Maybe you should come to our house and help us work out our crazy cat!