07 November 2009

I love colouring in!

I never got over my love of colouring-in as a child. I remember being so excited when my girls got old enough to colour and we would sit for ages colouring their Bananas in Pyjamas and Wiggles colouring books. I find it very therapeutic!
So it is no wonder that my favourite stamp images are ones that I can colour in. I downloaded these Sweet Pixie Digi Stamps at All that Scraps and had a lot of fun colouring them in last night. I am going to order the stamps in rubber, but I really wanted to play with them a bit and didn't want to wait (yes I am impatient). Plus I love that you can resize them in their digi format!
Unfortunately my printer ink doesn't seem to be smudgeproof so the colouring is less than perfect (another reason to order the rubber version). But oh well, I still had fun with the images anyway! Now I just have to make cards out of them.
Oh and the first two images are the first time I have tried doing the grass with my pencils, and I really love the effect!

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