26 November 2009

What's on your Christmas wishlist?

I have been wanting a small digital camera for a long time, and have just been using the girls' little Powershot A550's that they got a couple of years ago. But I need something with a bit more grunt, that I can carry around in my bag on a regular basis more easily than my bulky digital SLR.
I researched a lot and went and tried out several at the camera store, and had just about decided on the latest Canon Ixus when I discovered the Canon Powershot G11!! It has the look of an older camera (very retro!) but with half the weight and so many fantastic features. You only have to turn it over and look at the back to see that it is definitely not old fashioned! So while it's a little bit bulkier than the sleek digicams I was originally looking at, I am happy to sacrifice a bit for the sake of the features. I especially like still having a view finder which seems to be getting phased out on a lot of newer compact digicams.
The reviews have been fantastic and a few professional photographers I know have chosen this as their everyday camera which is a great recommendation. So now I just have to wait for Santa to pop it into my Santa sack on Christmas morning (along with the new Canon 270 flash, leather case, and a funky strap of course) hehehe
So here are some pics and I thought I would just share what I love about this camera and why I decided on this one after wading through dozens of possibilities.

Firstly it looks and feels 'solid'. It won't scratch and mark as easily as some of the little digicams out there with their pretty matte finishes (although I do love those pretty finishes!)
Look at the technology on this baby! I love the swivel screen (just like on a digital video camera). It is great for taking self portraits (you can actually see if you are in the frame!) and it also turns back the other way so that the screen is protected when you're not using it. And like I said before, you also have the option of a viewfinder for those times when it is so bright that the screen is hard to see.
Check out the top!! It has all of the ISO settings right there at your fingertips. I don't have to scroll through options on the screen to find them. So much quicker and easier! And I can use an external flash which is always a good option to have :)
And these next couple of pics just show the Canon leather case that I am going to order. I just love cases that are made to fit the cameras rather than your generic slip in bag.

So that is what Santa (hopefully!) sees fit to bring me. And since I pretty much have Santa's ear (literally!) I think I'm on a sure thing. LOL Now to go find some little stocking stuffers and I will be one happy girl on Christmas morning.


Keesh said...

Now that is a pretty good wrap for the camera Jodene, how can Santa refuse???? My girlfriend has this camera, and it is pretty damn good!
Love Keesh x

small houses said...

On my Christmas wishlist? I think it is the same as yours! A camera to capture the moments!

karisma said...

Fingers crossed for you dear. Canons make a great second camera. I love that this one looks sturdy. Mine has copped a bit of a bashing, its a bit too dainty for the likes of me. My Nikon is again very sick due to too much sand. I think T will soon confiscate all things electrical from me!