09 December 2009

It's Here!!!

Look what arrived in the mail for me yesterday! I have to admit I did take it out of the box, charge the batteries (I ordered a spare) and had a little play just to get the feel of it. But now it's time to put it away and wait for Christmas ... which can't come fast enough now! lol
And what is in that box from Phat Straps you may ask? Why this gorgeous little minky lined strap for my new baby of course :) There were sooo many to choose from that I think I am going to order another one, as well as a guitar strap for Maddie. But for now (because I didn't want to wait) I just chose one from the ready to ship section of the website. And get this, I ordered it on Thursday afternoon and it arrived on Tuesday morning - from the U.S!! I can't even get mail that quickly from other areas of this state, talk about great service!
So if you're looking for a great gift idea or something cute for your camera then I totally recommend Phat Straps! Besides camera and guitar straps, they also do wrist straps and even dog collars! I must warn you though, there are soooo many designs to choose from that it is really hard to just pick one!

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Pam said...

How fun! Love your strap! I got a strap made out of BG fabric a while ago and love it. I also have a little Canon PowerShot that I carry around in my purse but it's not as fancy as yours! Very fun, enjoy it!