02 January 2010

Getting back into it

My weight watchers journey that is! To say I was quite slack in 2009 is an understatement. I joined WW's when I moved to the city in July last year and while my weight is less now than it was then, I did lose the plot and could have been at goal by now!

BUT I am NOT going to dwell on last year and have decided to just get back on track and really focus on myself this year and losing this extra weight once and for all. So today was my first meeting since the beginning of December ... and naturally my combination of no gym, too much Christmas food and not tracking over the last month led to a gain of 1.5kgs :( Not happy ... but I deserved it. In fact I thought the damage may be worse.

So I got a new journal for 2010 and am back to my tracking and plan to get back to the gym this week when I get over this flu that is still hanging around. Until then I will try to at least walk every day!

I figured that if I started documenting my journey here on my blog then it will just make me that little bit more accountable as well ... which doesn't hurt right?

I can't WAIT to get to goal - I just know that 2010 is going to be MY year!!


Gretchen Clark said...

I love WW we should exchange recipes :)

oh yeah~love your Guide Lines cards!!!

Kim said...

Im starting 1st Feb Jodene actually going to paid meetings its the only way i think!

Sarah R (kims sis) said...

I've got a bit slack too and I'm gonna track my points at home! 2010 is the year, keep up the cards, they are fabulous!!