13 January 2010

Moving on ... yes it hurts, but sometimes you have to let go!

I was going through my pile of unopened emails from FlyLady when I came across one that just really struck a chord with me and got me thinking.
It was all about how damaging it is to keep re-capping an old hurt and how freeing it is to make the decision to move on. I have had friends in my life who held a special place in my heart, and for some reason or another they have decided that they have no room for me in their life, or sometimes I guess you just drift apart. However it happens, it really does leave a big hole in your heart when they are gone.
Have you ever noticed that when something starts to heal it can get itchy? I think that's what happens to us sometimes when we are healing from something intangible like a broken heart. As we start to heal, something reminds us of what happened (that's the itch) and if we go scratch it, we re-open the wound.
As we start to heal, there is a sort of itching to keep it going and re-reading a poem, or listening to a song is like scratching the scab off of a healing wound. If you've ever had an itchy rash, you know how good it feels at the time to scratch it! However, after you've enjoyed the scratching of the itch you are in trouble because you have reversed the healing process.
The best way to handle an itch (I am an expert on this one) is to distract the itch with some activity that gets your mind off it. I have found that going to the gym, doing something physical or even craft helps.
So my goal this year is to let go of old hurts, and move on. I am going to focus on me, my health and my family. I am going to spend my time and energy on the people who love me. The people who are here!
I suppose that even though I didn't make a new years resolution (let's face it, how often do we stick to them anyway?) this sounds a lot like one huh!


karisma said...

Hmmm! I never let anyone get away from my heart. Sometimes we can't be around the ones we love for one reason or another, but that does not mean we do not still love them or think about them. Friends come and go in our lives, but the real ones will always pop up when you least expect it. A bit like that annoying itch hey? On that note.....Hugs and smoochies xoxoxoxox Much love xoxoxox

Katie Halden said...

Hi Jodene
as it turns out your post is my itch. My best friend of 8 years ended our friendship via letter in the mail last May 1 month after she got engaged, you know I never thought in my wildest dreams would I not be standing next to her as her Maid of honour. Its really only been that since I wrote and wrote page after page about how i was feeling just before christmas that i have actually felt stronger and more at peace. Yes it still hurts and i feel angry at times but you do need to put it in past as you said. She was everything to me and my son's god mother. My theory at the moment is she left me so i could have someone better in my life but I know i will always remember her as my best friend. take care and thankyou for sharing I know for both of us 2010 will be awesome because we have our family, health and Stampin' lol.