19 February 2010

I have a helper today!

I just thought I would share this pic of my cute kitty, who decided she was going to help me today! Good thing she is protecting my papers or goodness knows who may come in and still them from under me (or from under her in this case).

And as you can see, my desk does in fact get messy from time to time :) Although I have to admit, this is only a tiny mess since I've only done 1 quick card this morning. But by this afternoon I expect there probably won't be any room for the cat on my desk at all!
Happy Stamping!


Danielle Daws said...

lol... my cat gets exactly the same expression when he's lying on my gear. "These are my papers. Go away."

dustypenny said...

So cute! Same thing happens here!

Sue said...

Just foound your blog via the blog Crafty Storage.

Love your crafting space.

Coco is lovely.