10 February 2010

Organising Cardstock

I just thought I would share my latest system for organising my Stampin' Up! Cardstock. I did have it all in magazine holders on my shelves but it was sometimes awkward to get in and out and the colours weren't labelled so I wasn't always sure which colour was which, since a lot look very similar at first glance. (I also now have some swatch cards which will help with that too).
So anyway I finally got a hold of a mobile file trolley and sorted my cardstock by colour, labelling each file by printing the names onto the coordinating card. Within each suspension file I have one colour but two folders, one folder for full sheets and one for scraps. I am hoping this will stop me from cutting into a whole sheet when I don't need too since my scraps will be easy to find.

Anyway, here are a couple of pics. As you can see, the trolley also has an extra two shelves and two drawers at the bottom, which I am sure I will put to good use! Plus it fits in under my desk so it is right at hand all the time. I still have more cardstock to add, but I need to go back and buy some more hanging files as I ran out. And I may look at sorting it by colour families once I have the complete sets, I'm not sure yet. I kind of like having all my blues together etc.
Whatever you are doing today, I hope it's a good one!


Nikki Pascoe said...

OMG I love it! I've just started organising all of my scraps in hanging files, but I have them in a container, and I'm not really happy with it! I soooo need one of these - was it a Howards purchase?

Can't wait to hear your news... I'm wondering if it is what I think it could be?!?!

Hope you're keeping well,
Nik xx

Anonymous said...

That looks fantastic Jodene, what a great idea! Where is it hiding in your room? I really need you to come and do my room :)

Carrie said...

I just came across your blog and LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!!! Where would one find a rolling file holder?!?! haha Would love to do this as well!!