24 February 2010

Same colours, different day :)

Well technically I made this box yesterday but I only got around to finishing it off today. I made it to go with the card I posted a couple of days ago. I haven't put anything in it yet but I am going to pick up some nice scented tealight candles to put in it. And I promise I will now step away from the red and pink cardstock and do something totally different!!
(I just noticed how crappy my bow is on this box, so I will have to go and fix that now!)

And how sweet is this little chicky .. isn't she a cutie! I picked up a dozen of these from Spotlight today because I thought they would be such a gorgeous addition to some little easter projects I want to do for the girls friends. They are a little different from the usual yellow ones (but I got some of those too, didn't want them to feel neglected!) and just sooo girly :)
Supplies for the the box: cardstock and paper by Stampin' Up! Misc flowers and buttons, shredded paper and ribbon from spotlight. Template by Lauren Meader.


Danielle Daws said...

Argh! No more, Jodene! Let the others have a go!! lol

Yet again, gorgeous... *grumble grumble*


Jodene Tripp said...

LOL Danielle! I only put that one on as a bit of a joke for you :) I have had such a blast making all of these, so thanks for the inspiration to start with!

Gretchen Clark said...

you are rockin' the boxes!!! another cute one ;)

Bronwyn Eastley said...

I see red, I see red, I see red! LOLXX Very cute!

Karen G said...

Wow, the boxes are just great. Loving them all. How cute is the little pink chicken, just gorgeous. Might have to check out my local store!!! Thanks for sharing these projects, Jodene.
Karen G.

Tammy said...

very cute Jodene,
keep it up, we are loving it!!!!

Tammy :0)

Sam said...

WOW Jodene! I LOVE all of your JAI projects, but this one is my favourite. It just really popped of my screen. The colours are fab, and the detail, like the flowers and bow are beautiful.

Your blog is great....it is going in my Reader. I can't wait to see more of your lovely work.

Best wishes,

Karen said...

Absolutely gorgeous is all I can say! Just love your stuff Jodene!


e_donaldson said...

what a gorgeous box! I absolutely adore it! thanks for sharing!

- missimagination.com

Anonymous said...

Wow Jodene your work is absolutely gorgeous! And I love your stampin' studio, can you tell me what colour you have on the walls, I am such a green addict!

Jodene Tripp said...

Thankyou Anonymous :) The colour is called 'Barley Grass'. I got it at Bunnings but I can't remember the exact brand sorry, but I don't think it was a dulux. It isn't quite as dark as in the pic, but it is a gorgeous colour and reflects light beautifully. I love it!