24 March 2010

55 sleeps till Convention!

I am so excited! Airfares, accommodation and my spot at convention are all booked, and I can't wait to head to Sydney on 19th May!

So, I would love to know if any of my blog visitors will be there as I would love to meet you if possible!! I am in Track 4.

Did I mention how excited I am??? I wish it was May already!!


Anonymous said...

Im there too Jodene but in track 6 but we will be together for a couple of the main stage teachings at least!

Nikki Stalker said...

Hi Jodene.
Isn't it exciting. This will be my fourth Convention and I'm just as excited as I was the first year.
You already know I'll be in Track 4 too and am so looking forward to meeting you in person.

Bronwyn Eastley said...

Hi Jodene. I'm looking forward to attending my second Convention. You had better save a swap for me as I love your work!! I'm in Track 1 with some other demonstrators from Tas. Only 55 sleeps! That means at least 2 swaps to make a day on average!! Aaagh! I'm excited too!!

Karen said...

You'll have a ball Jodene!! Get those swaps started now though! lol


Jo Eades said...

Hi Jodene
I'm off to Convention again this year. I had a blast last year. I'm in track 2 but I'm sure that there will be an opportunity for us to meet up along the way

Fiona Platzer said...

Hi Jodene,
I wil be there in Track 4 I am loking forward to meet you, So you best save me a swap I will be staying at the Oaks Goldsborough with some others from Upline & sideline.

Angie Brown said...

Hi Jodene,
I'm going too :) First Convention, reading your comment this morning made me rush off and book my airfares… the only thing I hadn't done yet...now everything is sorted :) I'm in track 3 - Would love to meet you in person :)

Roz Vest said...

Hi Jodene

I will be there in Track 4 and it is my fourth convention. Hope to catch up with you.

Roz Vest