05 April 2010

No stamping today, but lots of Kangaroos

I am hoping to play in my craft room tonight, but today I just spent the day hanging out with the family. We had a mega Glee marathon from about 10am to 3pm .. in our jammies! Gotta love that :) Then we felt it was time to get some fresh air so we headed to the beach for a walk.
When we got back, there were lots of kangaroo's at the park across the road from our house (it is a huge regional parkland and a lot of them live there) so I took my camera across and got some pics. They let me get pretty close before taking off, and I suppose they are pretty used to people stopping to watch them because we always see cars parked along our street checking out the roo's. In summer they only come out in the morning and later in the afternoon when it's cooler but now that the weather is not quite so hot we are starting to see them a lot more frequently throughout the day.
I just love that we moved from the country to the city and get to see these guys every day!!
Here are a few pics, especially for those of you who probably don't get to see too many of these guys around :)
The first pic is of Madison watching them through the binoculars from the front driveway, you can see how close they are here to our house. And I love the markings on their little faces, a lot of them look like they have white paint on their noses. So cute!


Rach said...

wow how cool is that, Jodene! I guess for you, seeing kangaroos is like seeing deer here? I love the face markings too! I'd love to get that close to a 'roo! :P

PS .. I love Glee too! :)

Sue said...

Sounds like you've had a lovely family day.

I love the photos of the roos. Agree about the markings. Love they way some are looking straight at you, as if they know you are taking a photo.

Gail S. said...

Cool pictures!! Has one ever gotten loose? I am also a GLEE fan! I love it and so does another lady that lives close to me. We always get together the day after the show and discuss what happened! What dorks we are :)

Karen said...

You definitely had a great family day! I love days spent in PJ's!!

Your pics of the roos are fabulous! They are just so nice to watch I reckon!


Christine Blain said...

That is really special, Jodene (the family time,and your roo encounter!); thanks for sharing the photos. Now your blog visitors from overseas will probably think we all have kangaroos hopping around just over the road from us, LOL.