28 April 2010


Mmmmm ... my afternoon tea today. A freshly baked (delicious!) orange flavoured butterfly cake with fresh whipped cream and a nice hot cup of Earl Grey :)
And don't you love my new mug, I saw it in the gift shop at the Zoo last week of all places and of course I just had to have it. It came with an adorable matching lid!


Gretchen Clark said...

that looks really yummy!!! how many point do you think it has, LOL!!!

Sue said...

Cake looks yummy. Love the mug also.

Karen G said...

Mmm, makes my mouth water just looking at that delicious butterfly cake!!! Love the mug, it is so you.

Karen G.

Karen said...

Ohhhh now thats a perfect arvo tea! How on earth do you eat stuff like that AND lose weight? roflol