29 April 2010


Well today has been a real day of not doing much. This morning I worked at the RSPCA (no, I didn't get a real job. LOL It is an unpaid volunteer role and I work there two half days a week) and when I got home I was not feeling 100% at all so after I had some lunch I slept ... for 3 hours! And can you believe I am still tired!

I did snap this photo after I woke up though as I kept walking past my beautiful birthday flowers and thought I should get a pic of them before they are gone. I also wanted to share a pic of my new hall/entry table. We had been looking for the perfect table since we moved in last June and finally (after almost 10 months of searching) we found this. Who would have thought it would be so hard to find a table that is exactly 1 metre long! They were all 1.2 or 1.3 metres ... but finally we came across this one and I love it! The wood is a beautiful rich colour and it matches our bedroom furniture, which is just in the room to the left, and you can see it when the door is open so it's nice that they match :)
When the flowers are gone, I will try and find a nice bowl or something to sit in it's place. Or maybe I will just have to spoil myself with fresh flowers every week because I do like to see them whenever I walk past :)


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Karen G said...

The flowers are absolutely gorgeous Jodene. Love the furniture and the mirror behind it looks great!!!

Karen G.

Sue said...

The flowers are gorgous. Be careful the pollen from the Lillies doesn't stain that lovely table.