24 April 2010

POTD - Number 1!

Here is the first photo for my personal photo-a-day challenge. And since it is my birthday I figured it was only appropriate that I post a picture of the cards that I received.

All of the handstamped cards are from my talented friends on the Stampin' Up! in Oz yahoo group that I am in. I will put individual pics of them up in a separate post so you can get a better look at them :)


Nikki said...

Happy Birthday!! I totally didn't realise it was today, so I hope you have a wonderful day and get spoilt plenty!!

Talk to you soon
Nik xx

Karen said...

I've already sung to you today, but just wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY again! WOOHOO!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday. What a lovely variety of cards you received.

Karen G said...

Doesn't that make you feel special!!! What a lovely selection of cards. Hope you enjoyed your day :)

Karen G.