07 May 2010

Blogger Awards!

Wow .. there have been so many Blog Awards doing the rounds and I have been fortunate to have been awarded SIX recently!

Two were Sunshine Awards (from Andrea and Sonia)

And the other four were Beautiful Blogger Awards (from Danielle, Karen, Christine and Kerri)For this award I have to pass it on to 10 other beautiful bloggers AND tell you 10 things about myself that you may not already know. Obviously I would like to pass it back to the people that gave it to me, but will resist the temptation to do that so as not to create a continual circle of blog awards. LOL
1. Gretchen Clark
2. Fiona Platzer
3. Nikki Stalker
4. Tamara Sirl
5. Makeesha Byl
6. Nikki Pascoe
7. Andrea's Scraps
8. Leonie (my lovely upline .. who is celebrating her birthday today so if you stop by be sure to leave her some love!)
9. Pam
10. Sue

And now for 10 totally random things about me :)

1. I am addicted to diet coke and chocolate
2. I have never had a broken bone
3. I was born and bred in Sydney but moved to WA two days after I got married (in 1994) and have been here ever since.
4. I hate coffee ... in fact anything coffee flavoured (even chocolate!)
5. I am terrible at public speaking, I get the worst nerve rash, my eyes water and I even stutter!
6. I almost drowned in the ocean when I was 12 and am only here today thanks to the lifeguard that saved me ... I have never swum at the beach since.
7. I have had the same best friend since I was in grade 2. And now my mum and her dad (after both losing their respective partners to cancer) are living together - as a couple ... weird? you bet! I am still adjusting to this development, some days are better than others.
8. I have always wanted to learn sign language, but never have (yet)
9. I have never been out of Australia (but am finally getting a passport and we hope to travel to the US next year).
10. I got a splinter (actually it's the tip of a pencil or texta) in the palm of my hand when I was about 10 and it is still there. Doctors have tried to remove it over the years to no avail so I just leave it there. It doesn't hurt and it's funny to watch people's faces when they touch it :)

There you go ... a lot of nothing that you probably didn't need to know! lol I look forward to reading what everyone else write :)


Robyn said...

Wow! These facts get more and more interesting with each awardee!! Yours are amazing! Thanks for sharing!! And congrats on 6 awards!

Sue said...

Well done on your blog awards.

Some fab facts about you hun.

Sue said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog.

How fabby that you've nominated me for a beautiful blog award. That's so kind of you hun.

Sue said...

Forgot to ask, do I have to do anything for the award? Sorry to be a bit thick, but I am newish to blogging.

Karen G said...

Love the interesting facts!! Congratulations on these Awards and I was so excited to receive one too so I had to pass it on to you. You are one of my favourite stampers.

Karen G.