02 May 2010

Playing catch up

Well I haven't been on my computer since Thursday! Thank goodness for my iPhone, at least I could check some emails :) So I am a bit late posting my Photos of the Day for the last few days. I did download them though, so will post them all quickly now before I go and make dinner.

We have had a very busy few days and I have just been hanging out with hubby a lot before he had to leave this morning for another three weeks away in Papua New Guinea. Friday night we went to see Iron Man 2 and I loved it! Hmmm I do enjoy me some Robert Downey Jr. Then last night we had a family bbq and watched Avatar because the girls and I had not seen it yet. It was pretty good, but very predictable. The effects were fantastic though!

Today I have started work on a special project, which I can't share yet but I promise I will as soon as it is finished,and the person I am making it for has received it. I also have to start working on my swaps for Convention since it is only a few weeks away .. yikes!! Still no idea what to make.

Anyway, I had better get back to it. But before I go here are my photos from the last few days.

POTD #7 (30 April 2010) The roses in my front yard seem to be flowering(despite my neglect). A green thumb is not something I inherited from my dad!POTD #8 (1 May 2010) I made some Rasberry and Coconut muffins (surprisingly NOT from a packet mix!) and they were delish! They have become favourites around here and are just divine warm and I'm sure even nicer with a dash of cream ;)
POTD #9 (2 May 2010) Every week when I do the shopping the doggies get their favourite treat, a pigs ear ... yum right?! lol Here is Toffee enjoying hers in the comfort of the bean bag where nobody can bother her.


Jo Williams said...

I think a tray of those yummy muffins needs to come to stampingdays at Ngaires.......They look yummo as do your cards and photos.

Sue said...

Love your photos.

Toffee is adorable. How do you keep her so clean?

Karen G said...

Jodene, what a gorgeous rose!! I am so envious of anyone who grows lovely roses. Gee, I'd love to come to your house for those delicious looking muffins, my mouth is watering!!! Also what a cute dog you have.

Karen G.

Christine Blain said...

Such beauty in all these photos - love them! Do you think you could bake a huge batch of those muffins, and carry them carefully on the plane to Convention? xxx

Patrice said...

Toffee is gorgeous!

Would love your raspberry/coconut muffin recipe *hint hint*. They look great.