06 May 2010

POTD #11

No, it is not snowing on my back patio. This is the path of destruction I awoke to after Lucy (the big dog) managed to get the pillow out of Toffee's (the small dog) kennel in the morning before I could put it out of her reach.

I am sure they both had fun playing tug-o-war with it, but it is Lucy that tends to rip apart any pillow or stuffed toy that she can manage to get into her mouth.

As you can see, they are both utterly exhausted from their 'fun' and are sleeping it off. And now I am off to clean it all up!


Pam said...


Karen said...

ROFLOL - oh and how cute do they look! Great photo Jodene!


Amanda said...

It's a hard life... lol.

Stephanie said...

ooohw so cute! My cat walks around with all kind of stuff, boxes blankets, balls and so on.
good luck with cleaning up ;)

Sue said...

Bet when you confronted them they looked at you as if to say 'well we didn't do it':)

Anonymous said...

perfect photo Jodene! This is what my two get up to as well.

Karen G said...

Too cute, don't you just love a pair of mischief makers!!! Don't envy the clean up though.

Karen G.

Helen H said...

Gorgeous photo Jodene. Lucky they are cute, hey? :)

Sonia G said...

A picture says a thousand words!

Just a quick note to let you know that I've awarded your blog a Sunshine award. Details are on my blog.

I enjoy checking out all your creations even though I stalk more than comment!