08 May 2010

POTD #14

Finally caught up on my POTD pics ... just getting around to downloading them. The last couple were taken with my iPhone because I keep forgetting to keep my camera handy when I go out. Must make a mental note to do that more from now on!
How freaky is this photo? I took it today with my iPhone while I was waiting for my cousin to pick me up (for a trip to Ikea of course). I must have been standing too close to the front window or something because this was exactly how it came out, I haven't touched it at all with any editing!


Sue said...

Like this photo of you. what a lovely young lady you are.

Karen G said...

Ooh, super freaky!!! Like something out of supernatural.

Karen G.

Karen said...

Wow that is weird Jodene - but your still gorgeous! Hey maybe the pic's like that cause you have a beautiful Aura around you! Quite possible!


Jodene said...

Awww thanks everyone. Karen that is such a nice thing to say! I thought I looked like a ghost. Or maybe I'm really a vampire .. and then I can get to be with Edward :) Although I am partial to a bit of werewolf myself. lol Okay I have been reading far too much of the Twilight series.