22 June 2010

I just want to play!

Life has been so busy around here this past week that I have had no time to play with any of the challenges or do any stamping for the last five days. And I am having serious withdrawals! I do have a couple of hours tonight though, so I hope to do a couple of things before bed.

Why so busy you ask? Okay so you didn't probably ask but I will tell you anyway :) Aside from hubby being away most of this month and having to run the girls around, I have also started some more painting projects around the house, and am trying to get organised for when my mother-in-law arrives on Saturday for two weeks. Luckily hubby arrives home Monday morning too so it will really be a full house for the next few weeks with the girls going on school holidays next Friday!

Anyway, hopefully I will have something to share later (since I can't do anymore painting tonight).

Happy Stamping!

1 comment:

Sue said...

Hope you get everything done you have planned.

Don't let life get so hectic you can't enjoy it.