24 June 2010

What I 've been doing (when I could have been stamping!)

This is just one of the projects that I have had on the go lately. We have so many little painting jobs and things to do around the house and I am slowly crossing them off. Here is one project that I have almost finished (I still have to paint the backs of these doors, but with visitors coming to stay this weekend I will leave it until they have gone home).
But let me just say ... all those little windows are NO fun to paint whatsoever!! So I won't be rushing to start the other side. LOL

This is the BEFORE pic ... our formal lounge at the front was open so we decided to add some doors so that we can shut it off from the rest of the house.
STEP 2 - Framework and some new wall is added.

STEP 3 - The doors are in!

And FINALLY today I finished painting them (well this side anyway!) lol

So that is why I haven't been able to get into my stamp room this week! I also painted another frame and door that we had added to our ensuite, but I will save those photos for another day :)


Karen said...

Jodene - you are sooooooo good doing that painting and it looks lovely! Me and my hubby tackled 3 bedrooms 2 weeks before christmas last year! I never wanted to see another paint brush after that little stunt! lol

That being said, we are going to do the hallway and another wall this christmas - just gotta do it bit by bit or I'll go nuts! lol

Jodene said...

I know what you mean Karen! So far since we have moved in last year I have painted:
ensuite, new door frame and door for ensuite, my craft room, front and back hallways, kitchen, formal lounge, front door and now these doors. And I still have Heaps to do! And I have done it all on my own while dh has been away. Next job on the list is my bedroom and the other side of those doors :)

Gretchen Clark said...

you are multi talented ;) The doors look great!!! wanna come to my house and do some painting???

Jodene said...

I would love to come to your place Gretchen, but would rather play in your stamping room! lol

Sue said...

I can imagine how fidely those doors were. Looks really fab. I'd have told your friends that you are having a painting party:)

Christine Blain said...

Wow - looks beautiful!

kirstyj said...

i LOVE your light fitting...and congrats on completing that tedious task! looks fantastic.

Pam said...

That looks fantastic!