26 August 2010

Birthday Party photo round up

Here are a few pics from Miss C's Twilight party on the weekend. Just because you asked Gretchen ;) LOL
The kids had a great time, and the party bags were a hit! I really wish that the birthday girl would have let me make her the Twilight cake or cupcakes I wanted to but she insisted on the one with the mini M&M's and Kit Kats (she has a very sweet tooth like her mum!) so her cake didn't match the theme, but she loved it which is the main thing!
For games we played 'pin the fangs on Edward' and we had a Twilight Quiz which was fun!

This is Miss M (as Rosalie) and Miss C (as Alice). Miss M's blonde wig didn't look good so we curled her hair instead and Miss C couldn't bear to cut the lovely dark brown wig she bought so she wore it long (over her natural hair!) LOL

Miss C found the fangs online and printed and cut them out. The person that got the closest won the prize :) Miss C and her friends. Obviously the New Moon video had finished playing because it looks like election stuff was on the TV. LOL Not that we watched any of it! The birthday girl cutting her cake. Opening presents :)

We followed the theme through to the drinks and I found some bottle labels online and printed them out before attaching them to the bottles of Creaming Soda.

Dinner was pizza, party pies, sausage rolls etc. Followed by cake and all served on Twilight plates of course :) Miss C and her friends. Another one of the little tables in the hall that we had set up. We had lots of candles around and it all looked really nice at night when they were all lit. The entrance table with the candles lit. A few people must have left already because some of the bags are missing ;)

All in all, another successful party!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful party and you have done a lovely job with every little detail. Wish you were my Mum! lol
Love that cake too..yum!

Patrice said...

Wow it all looks terrific. You did such a good job Jodene. How special you are! Laughed at your comment about the cake not matching the theme, that's something I'd worry about too. But it looked so good I can see why she chose it.

Sue said...

WOW!!! What a fab party. The girls look great and obviously enjoying every minute.

Think you scored mega brownies points:)

Rach said...

OMG Jodene .. this is AMAZING!!! Hailey wants a party like this next year and so I'm going to have to bookmark this entry of yours so I can refer to it then for more ideas. I do love the m&m cake tho .. even if it doesn't fit the theme .. yummy!
Your girls make great Alice and Rosalie characters! ;)

Pam said...

Looks like a blast! That cake looks so yummy! Fantastic decorating!

Kerri said...

Wow great job Jodene, love how you kept the them going even with the drinks... Bet they were sad to end their fun!

Danielle Daws said...

omg... that cake.... mmmm...

Looked fabulous too!

KimB said...

OMG Jodene the cake is awesome!!! I'm drooling just looking at the photo - I have to ask whats under the M&Ms? My Miss 5 wants a barbie cake but I reckons she'd change her mind if she saw this!


Lou Ryan said...

Hey Jodene just wanted to say great to see you on Friday. When I came home I checked out your blog again and saw this gorgeous cake! I used my artistic license and made one the same for my boy today! The kids thought it was the best cake ever! Thanks for the inspiration AGAIN (although not cards this time). Lou