23 October 2010

Another Ikea find

Today I went to my happy place ... aka Ikea! And whilst there (after enjoying a delicious serve of Swedish meatballs) I came across some cute little wire baskets which I thought would be great for pencils.

When I got them home I found that they fitted beautifully in the top of my Stampin' Up! Ink Pad Caddy and so that is where they now reside, holding my collection of mini glitter bottles among other things. One basket holds what was in two sections of the caddy previously giving me extra room for other stuff! AND they were only $4.95 for two of them ... bargain!
After my little visit to Ikea I took my daughter Madison on a girls night out and we went to the movies to see 'Life as we know it'. A very predictable but totally enjoyable chick flick, and a great way to spend my Saturday night.


Sue said...

Good find in Ikea. Glad you have made room for some more stash:)

Tania M. Gould said...

I still want Ikea!!! I might have to take a trip to Melb with an empty suitcase I think!!! I want to see that movie too - might have to go see it!

Anonymous said...

OH NO they are adorable. How cute and what a handy size!