18 October 2010

Getting organised

Well since I am trying to get organised a little bit earlier with my Christmas cards this year, I have set up a little 'Christmas Station' on my craft desk.

I did this last year and found it very helpful. So I thought I would share this with you in case it is something you may find useful as well. And please feel free to share any great organisational ideas that you have because I am always looking for good ideas that will make me a little more efficient! lol

Anyway, all I really do is gather all of my Christmas supplies together in one place so that while I am working on my cards I don't have to go searching for different bits & pieces. In addition to the little tray (which is from Ikea in case you were wondering) I also have my stash of Christmas papers, rubons, embossing folders and punches etc in a box next to it so they are also within easy reach.

In this tray I have stamps, ribbons, buttons, embellishments, glitter, little bells etc.


Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

I SO knew that was from IKEA!!!! hahaha.. FABULOUS idea Jodene... I'm thinking you, me and the other SJK need to have an IKEA meeting *wink wink*.

xx SJ

Danielle Daws said...

Fabulous idea!

Elise said...

Love your organised Christmas station! Might have to try that...p.s do you remember the name of said IKEA box???

Tania M. Gould said...

Great idea! But I still can't believe its time to get ready for Christmas!

Sue said...

Great tip, but it's too late for me, as I have done my cards:)

Karen said...

What a fabo Idea! I love that container - what a shame I have to go to brissy to get one! lol


Jo said...

Great idea Jodene, although I'm not sure I can even find my desk under the massive amounts of crapola & half finished projects covering it at the moment.

Anne31 said...

Looks absolutely fab Jodene, but I would forget to put it all back in!!! You guessed it...messy creativitey again!!!

Thanks for sharing

PS I love that Blue and Yellow heaven too!!!

paulatracy said...

I am soooo happy now that we have our own IKEA, and we don't need to take trips to Chicago. Though, I LOVE that town! Love all the organizing stuff!! :)