14 October 2010

More Taylor Swift :D

This is one of my most favourite Taylor Swift songs :)


Karen said...

Mannnnnnn Jodene - she is GOOD!!! You gotta enter her in a contest of some sort! I LOVE Taylor swift songs and was just humming away to one as I was in big w this morning! lol

Luv Karen

Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

GORGEOUS and EXTREMELY talented.. I could listen to your girls all day. And I'm with Karen.. Love this kind of music. When's the next video?? ;D


Tania M. Gould said...

I could listen to them all day too! So so lovely! I love Taylor Swift!

Janie said...

Amazing !! Wow wee !! These girls have true talnet ! And I can understand why you would want to let them play ! Forget the radio have the girls sing a sweet tune ! Love it simply Love it !! Gave me chills they are great ! Tell them to keep up the great work !!