14 October 2010

My other daughter :) Last one I promise!

This is both of my girls together with the younger one (Claudia) singing. I love that my house is filled with live music all the time. And with three musicians in the house, I am left with the job of roadie. LOL


Patrice said...

A talented household indeed. Thanks for sharing with us, must be lovely having 'live' music in the house.

Karen said...

Holy Cow!!! You're girls are unreal!!! GREAT JOB GIRLS!!

Ok, so can you sing Jodene? If you sing, I'll play the recorder! lol

Luv K

Karen said...

Oh and I can play the recorder - I was band captain in year 7!! roflol


Jodene said...

Sorry Karen, but I am relegated to Band Manager or just plain old roadie. LOL No musical talent in me I'm afraid.

Tania M. Gould said...

OMG and TWO daughters who can sing so brillianty!!! What a blessed mummy you are! How wonderfully refreshing to enjoy! Thanks again for sharing! Love it!!!! Give them a big hug from me and say "you rock girls!!!"