15 March 2011

Just checking in

Just popping in quickly from work (shhhh!!) to let you know that my 'lil old blog will be quiet for a while as I have a computer virus and my laptop is away at the doctors being fixed. Unfortunately it is the only computer in our house at the moment so apart from getting some email via my iPhone I am feeling quite out of touch, not to mention suffering withdrawals!

I am hoping this may mean that I have time to get more projects made, however with life being the way it has lately (pretty sucky!) I wouldn't hold out too much hope for that.

Have a great week and I hope to see you again real soon, with some cards to share!


Christine Blain said...

I feel your pain, love - our home computer has a virus too (first time ever, so I guess we've been lucky up to now). I'm bummed, 'cos I can't access photos of cards I planned to blog; have given the cards away, and saved piccies on the computer. Have to love my little pink laptop at times like these! Hope yours is back, and all fixed, soon.

Elizabeth said...

Oh no!! I hope it's a quick (and cheap) fix!