22 November 2011

iPhone download #1

I have always loved looking at Gretchen's weekly iPhone dumps and thought it was such a great idea that I would try it myself. I just have to remind myself to take more random pics on my phone as I go about my days!

And because I keep forgetting to take pics, this iPhone download is for the last couple of weeks :) And I still haven't figured out how to fit a title on the top of my image but I will get there.

Left to right:
1. A Coffee Club date with my best friend Kathleen who came up from Albany
2. The itinerary for my FIRST EVER overseas trip :)
3. I made some jelly cups for my girls
4. Claudia went in for day surgery to have 5 teeth removed
5. That's why they call it the Swan River, with the Perth city skyline in the background
6. My girls auditioned for Australia's Got Talent - so proud of them!
7. I am looking for a new dining suite and I have my eye on this one.
8. I spent 3 days last week on beautiful Rottnest Island for work
9. My bunny friends raiding the hay bag at the RSPCA when I let them out to clean their cage (the big one at the back is the mummy bunny)


Gretchen Clark said...

great job!! love your pic's too :)

to add text...in Photoshop click the text tool (it is the T). Once that is selected, click your mouse where you want to add your text, then type. You can move it around by selecting the move tool (the arrow) and Viola :)

Patrice said...

Very cool. I love Gretchen's weekly iPhone downloads too. Yours looks just as fab!