04 December 2011

A little bedroom makeover

Just in case I didn't have enough to do in between end of year dance concerts, school stuff, working (of the paid and unpaid variety), and Christmas parties, all while hubby is overseas, I thought I would repaint my daughter Madi's bedroom. We have been going to do it during the last 2 school holiday breaks and we never got to it for one reason or another so I thought we would just bite the bullet and get it done, since I was feeling a little better and almost recovered from being sick. And she was harassing me! lol

In the end it was only two days work and a tin of paint but the results are fantastic and she LOVES it, which is the main thing. She picked the colour herself and we moved the furniture around which gives her a lot more space in the middle of her room. It is quite a small room so we have to make the most of every bit of space!

I then spent the third day cleaning the rest of the house because everything seemed to be covered in a layer of sanding dust and mess. And Claudia, my other dd, has now chosen her paint colour and we are going to do her room ... YAY! (can you sense the sarcasm?).

Here are the BEFORE pics. I forgot to get them before we started so she had already started pulling the stuff out of her storage cubes and dumping it on the floor by this stage!
Once we had everything out I moved the bigger stuff into the middle of the room and started filling some holes on the wall which I then sanded back before painting.

And this is the AFTER photo. The colour is Dulux Seafoam (half strength) and is a beautiful aqua colour. It has made the room look so fresh! I also painted the window sill to match the door frames.

I also painted the frame on her notice board so it fitted in better with her new colour scheme.

Not bad for a couple of days work, and the total cost was just under $100. Gotta love that!


Patrice said...

Great job! Great price! Good for you...now do you fancy a trip east to do one of my rooms? Lol I've been putting it off for ages.

AJ Reddicliffe said...

This is awesome! I have been meaning to de-baby the boys room for the last few school holidays. Thanks for the inspiration.

Gayatri said...

Love the Aqua Blue. It makes the room look big too, I think! I see you have been to IKEA too! Love the room makeover, Jodene!

Robyn said...

Looks fabulous Jodene! Great work!

Kerry (Kez) Bunting said...

What a gorgeous colour Jodene, and wow it brightens up the room amazingly! I'm sure DD is thrilled - what a great mum.

Nanny Kate said...

What a lucky girl Madi is, and her mum's affinity for colour has obviously rubbed off ;)
Nice work ladies, a truly beautiful room.