14 April 2012

Home Reno Update

We spent our entire Easter weekend (and a few days afterwards) painting the exterior of the house which was rendered last year. Hubby and I did the exterior render together and then I continued on after he returned to work and painted all of the gutters and the siding at the front of the house. To say I was exhausted was an understatement! lol But I do feel a huge sense of satisfaction now that it is finally done.

The next job will be painting the driveway and getting the inserts and gates added to the fence and planting our garden beds and lawn, although this may have to wait until after winter because I think it will be more successful in the autumn.

Anyway, here are a few progress pics of what we achieved on the weekend.

This is the before photo - what it looked like when we bought it.

This is during - after having the house rendered, but before the roof was re-coated.

And this is after.

It's been a slow work in progress, but we are finally getting somewhere!


Patrice said...

Wow Jodene, looking good. I bet you're sore all over after your hard work. Will be so worth it when you have the fences, lawn and gardens done - can't wait to see it complete.

Well done to you!

Trish *Spring Blossom* said...

Gosh no wonder you were so tired!!! That looks like so much work :)

Love that feeling of satifaction tho :)

Jo said...

Jodene, your renos look fantastic. The change in the roof colour and the rendering make it almost unrecognisable from when you first brought it. The fence will look great when finished too.

Ervin Kennedy said...

Painting is a fun activity. But with a house this big, it can be quite tiring. But thinking of it now, I guess what matters most is seeing the fruits of your labor. Because you’ll forget how tired you were and just be excited once you saw the renovation progressing well. Cheers!

Ervin Kennedy @ Regal Painting