04 October 2013

Craft room additions

I am always changing my craft room around and adding new things, and removing them if I find they're not working well for me.  And over the past couple of weeks I have made a couple of new additions to my craft room that give me a little more storage space that is easily accessible to me from my workspace.

The first was the addition of this 'hutch' to one side of my desk area.  This is a Besta shelving unit sold by Ikea, and I just omitted the base and backboard when I was putting it together to make it work for me as a hutch. I love how organised it is and how it fits perfectly on my desktop! I also picked up the white storage bins from Ikea while I was there.

The second addition was this gorgeous trolley. I have been looking at this since it came out and kept telling myself I didn't need it. But eventually it followed me home from Ikea on a recent visit. As my kids said, it was inevitable ;)

I am currently using the top part for my Copics, the middle section for all of my ribbons on reels (mostly SU!) and the bottom has a storage tub with lots of Christmas stamps and bits in it as I am starting to work a little on my Christmas cards now. I love that this slides under my desk (as I work at bench/standing height) and just rolls out when I need it.


Jen said...

I really love the hutch idea.. do you know what the ike name of the shelves was?

I've had my trolly for about 12 months yet and really love it too....

Jen xx

Kathy @ Stamping Still said...

Wow! I'm envious! Everything is so organised AND very pretty too! Your room is gorgeous. (Wish we had an Ikea in Tassie :( )

Nancy said...

I love when we get to see other's creative spaces! Yours looks so organized and beautiful! Love the shelf idea and the rolling cart....I see a trip to ikea in my near future! Thanks for inspiring me!!!

Nikki Spencer said...

Oh wow Jodene, it looks awesome! Love the hutch and that trolley is very cute. I've been eyeing them off as well...but so far one hasn't followed me home yet..:0) Your craftroom is so lovely and neat, it must be such a joy to create in. xxx