11 October 2013

Organising the Ikea Raskog trolley - Part 2

Now that I have had a chance to fill all of those fun bins I showed you in my last post HERE I thought I would share my final set up for now.

I am currently using my trolley as a Christmas station, since I will pretty much be working on Christmas cards for the next two months. And it is so handy to have it all close by! I usually do this each year but in the past have just used a basket or something similar, but this works much better.

I will explain how I have set it up in the following photos.  This first pic is just a complete photo.  Don't mind all of the little blue dots on the floor, they came out of a die last night and I really need to sweep them up!

Here is the top level. This has various Christmas stamps, embossing folders and some dies.  I have left room on the right side of the trolley to put all of the new Christmas goodies I just ordered from My Favorite Things :)  I have used the Godmorgon tray I showed you in my last post for this level.

In the middle section I have used two of the Krus tubs with the inserts removed. The left side has Christmas paper that is pre-cut to 6x6 with whole pads at the back, and the right tub has my clear mount Stampin' Up! Christmas sets.

In the bottom section I have kept the lids on and stacked some of the remaining tubs I bought. I think that four of the shorter tubs (on the left) would have been perfect but I just used what I had. I like that you can still see the labels when they are stacked too!  The left side holds Christmas embellishments and Cord (silver, gold and red on reels) and the bottom right holds and various Christmas ribbon. And as you can see the top one is still empty but I may put my dies in that one, not sure yet.

So that's it! Hope you found this post useful, thanks for stopping by :)


Gayatri Murali said...

Wow! This is a great idea! How many carts did you get?
I am so cross with IKEA, they have no stock of Alex wider drawers for a long time now.

Pam said...

Really? You are way too organized, I am jealous!

Pam Sparks said...

this is way cool! love your trolley and having your Christmas in it!

perfectpaper said...

Love. Love. Love. That is all xx