10 October 2013

Organising an Ikea Raskog trolley - Part 1

I have been chatting with some friends about different storage solutions for the Raskog trolley from Ikea.  Since the Antonius storage container has been discontinued (such a shame as it was the perfect fit!) I have been looking at other options. Below are a list of what I have found that will fit into the trolley.

1.  This is one large tray which I found in the bathroom section of Ikea called a 'Godmorgon' box with compartments. It has inserts that can be removed if you don't need them. Although the little divided section is great for kindy glitz, liquid pearls etc as you can see in the pic below.

Here are a few different variations of the Godmorgon box in the trolley.

With inserts

 Without inserts.

2.  These next ones are the KRUS range, also from Ikea. These tubs come in 4 different sizes, and they have lids as well which can be removed (which I have done for the purpose of the pics). But they can also be stackable which is handy! AND they have little removable dividers so you can use them with or without.

These first two pics are of the larger containers and two fit perfectly in the trolley.

These next two pics are of the narrowest containers and you can fit three in the trolley. I have left the dividers out of the one on the right so you can see the difference.

And this last pic is the same dimensions as the first Krus image only not as high. These would be great to store smaller items with the lids on and could be stacked to fit more in.

This last pic is showing my Copic markers which are just in some wire baskets from the discount store and some unmounted stamp sets stored in a Samla container from Ikea.

These last two images are from the Samla range. You can fit one of the larger ones or two of the smaller ones. I have just put some in that I am already using on my shelves so you can get an idea of the size.

I hope that some of these ideas have been useful! And I take no responsibility for the damage to your Credit Card if you feel the need to visit Ikea for a spot of shopping ;)


Debra James said...

Well done Jodene... Great research and perfectly displayed, lol.. Thanks for doing all the leg work, xxx

Nikki Spencer said...

Great info Jodene! Thanks for sharing and possibly enabling...lol. xxx

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing your research Jodene. The baskets you have the copics in - are they just loose in there or is the basket in sections? It looks perfect and wondering if it could be used for the SU markers if it stored sideways.

rhh said...

Thank you for your research, I visited Ikea this afternoon, and almost used your blog-post as my shoppinglist :o)