04 January 2014

A few more holiday snaps ...

After Siem Reap we flew to Phnom Penh where my SIL and her family live. But we only stayed a day and a half before heading to the coast to spend Christmas at a beautiful seaside town called Kep. We hired the whole Villa for our group and it was just wonderful. All we did was lay around the pool, spend time together and just chill out.

This is how we got around .. in Tuk Tuk's. So fun but the traffic in Phnom Penh is crazy!! Road rules, what are they? 

Probably the worst part of our trip was our visit to one of the many sites of the killing fields in Cambodia.  This was the gorgeous monument they built, and I tried not to take photos too close up as it is filled with the skulls and bones of many of the bodies that have been unearthed. I was surprised at the amount of people inside taking photo's though. I just could not bring myself to do that, it seemed disrespectful.

The visit to the killing fields is one I am glad I did, but at the same time it just tore me apart emotionally. I was a bit of a mess after hearing the stories and seeing the mass graves so close up. And the fact that it all happened in my lifetime is unbelievable to me.

While we were in PP, we also did a cruise down the river at sunset and saw lots of little villages along the way. It really was an eye opening experience for the girls to see the poverty that so many people live in. They had never witnessed anything like that before.

From Phnom Penh we took a road trip to Kep, on the coast.  This is our Villa.

It was the first time I have ever had to overtake an elephant on a highway! 

This was our table for Christmas lunch. 

We had a wonderful time and the Cambodian people are the sweetest most generous people you could hope to meet. We can't wait to go back! 

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Nikki Spencer said...

So glad you enjoyed it Jodene, it is such a beautiful country steeped in so much sadness and such beautiful people. Thank you for sharing your pics, l want to go back to now..:0)