03 May 2014

Prepping for class

I don't know about you, but I am one of those people that has as much fun collection and organising craft supplies as I do using them! In fact I often do more shopping and collecting than I do creating .. oops!

And since I have just signed up for the new class over at Online Card Classes I thought I had best get all of my stuff organised.  And I am so excited about this class since it is ...

I had a few watercolour supplies including some old paints and some watercolour paper but I also went and stocked up on some new goodies too.  And once again my trolley from Ikea has become my work station.  Here it is all loaded up with my goodies! 

To start with I did one of the exercises on the OCC page, which suggested we make colour charts of the paints that we had. This is such a great idea! Makes it easier to select your colours and they look so pretty too :)  I ended up laminating mine since I already had one little accident and smudged one of my cards by dropping some water on it!

Then I got all of the different watercolour papers I had and cut them down to size and put them in little bags with labels so I would know which one was which and it also makes it easier when topping up the paper or re-stocking.

And of course once I did all this I had a little play and created a couple of samples. So stay tuned for my next post :)

Can't wait for class to start!

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Nikki Spencer said...

Oh lol Jodene!...I did the same yesterday, but not as much detail as you have. I spy lots of the same supplies too..:0)
I'm really looking forward to this class, l'm sure it will be awesome as usual. xx