19 July 2015

My New Craft Space

We did a big room switch around here this past week. I moved my craft room into my daughters bedroom and she moved into my (bigger) craft room allowing her more space. But this of course meant I had to have a major clean out and de-clutter my space, keeping only what I really wanted in my room. And I have to say, despite having reservations about moving to a smaller space I am really happy with my new room!

I did get rid of some pieces from my old room but got a few new pieces that fit better in this space, thanks to a couple of trips to Ikea.  I still have a little work to do, like getting power points, a new tv aerial and a picture shelf put up but other than that, it's done :)

Here are a few pics. If it looks very much like my old one, it's because I stuck with the same colour. This room was yellow but I repainted it the same since I was still quite happy with the colour. It is called Barley Grass from British Paints. It looks a little 'bright' in some of these pics but that is just the lighting.

The tall Alex drawer units from Ikea are new to this room, and I was surprised at the huge amount of stuff that they hold while taking up little floor space! 

 The desk configuration is the same as in the old room, since this worked well for me. However the Big Shot is now off the desk giving me a little more space.

A picture rail shelf from Ikea will go in that space between the copies and the word decal, giving me a space to display cards and pictures. They were out of stock of white ones so I have to wait. 

 Despite not liking my back to the door, I do now enjoy a view over the pool. 

Spice racks from Ikea, spray painted white get all of the little bottles of stuff that were previously on my desk giving me even more desk space but keeping them within reach.

 These are the same shelves I had in my old room, in a slightly different configuration.

Removing the door from the wardrobe gave me more usable space.

Now I can't wait to get in there and mess it up! 


Hannelie said...

I REALLY REALLY wish this was my space! Awesome!

Maria said...

Beautiful craft room!!! So clean and fresh with awesome storage and organization!!!

Kajcyika crafts said...

OMG, I was just getting through your blog and then I see this fabulous photographs. I think I'm in love! I want to have a room like this once in my life time. It's really awesome! :D