28 February 2006

I scrapped again!

It has been so long, but it feels good to finally get some stuff in my gallery at 123-Scrap! again.
With the long weekend coming up and dh away until Sunday I hope to be even more productive on the weekend. Especially since I have my nice clean organised room ready (although I know it won't stay that way for long once I start).
I am having trouble uploading pics into my blog tonight for some reason, so I will post them later. In the meantime if you want to have a look, just click on the link above and check out the gallery.
I went back to work yesterday and I have to say it was harder than I thought it would be. Today was two weeks since Dad passed away and I wonder how long before I stop counting in days and weeks. I guess only time will tell.
Other than that, things are going along nicely at home. Due to the cyclone up north we have had rain all day and it is expeced to continue until the weekend - great scrapping weather huh!
Well back to my desk and if I'm lucky I may be able to get one more layout done before bed.
Goodnight :)

25 February 2006

Scraproom update - new shelving!

Check it out! On our way back from Sydney we spent the morning in Perth and stopped in at Ikea. I managed to get the shelves for my scraproom, as well as a neat little white magnetic board (now I have to get another one to add on to it because I just love it!).
The jars were purchased this morning at Woolworths (Supermarket) and look great filled with all my ribbons and flowers.
There is not much left now to add to my scraproom, although I am sure there will always be little changes ;)

It's been a while

I can't tell you how many times I have come on and typed out an entry only to delete it. I guess I wasn't ready to share with the world yet (okay, so not that many people read my blog but you know what I mean).

On Valentines Day my beloved father finally lost his battle with Cancer. Thankfully he managed to stay home with his family until the end, and we (my mother, sister, brother and I) were all with him holding him as we had to say goodbye. I miss him so much. My heart aches and it feels like it will never be whole again. He was my hero, my mentor and the most wonderful father I could have ever hoped for.

The funeral service was held on Friday 17th February and while it was a beautiful service, it went so quickly and I felt like there was not enough time. After the service everyone came back to mum's place, so it was hard to just have a quiet moment. I only stayed until Monday and in that time mum had people staying with her so we never got to spend anymore time alone together which is something I regret. I think when things settle down a bit I will try to go back and have some time with her, just the two of us.

Tomorrow I go back to work after five weeks off - what a shock that will be! There have been a lot of changes in the office since I went away so it should be interesting to say the least.

I also thought I'd share this photo of my dad which was taken at my wedding in 1994. I just love this photo of him!