21 August 2006

Exercise Goals - week commencing 22 August

Well tomorrow starts a new week for me so I have decided to put my exercise goals here in the hope that they will keep me honest.

Tuesday - 45mins on treadmill - DONE
Wednesday - Treadmill 45mins
Thursday - weight session and 30mins on treadmill
Friday - Treadmill 45mins
Saturday - Core secrets DVD and 30mins Treadmill
Sunday - Weights and 30mins Treadmill
Monday - Rest Day (also weigh-in day)

Weigh In Day - Week 2

And another 1.1kgs gone! Despite a pretty bad weekend points wise. Since we had a barbecue for Claudia's birthday on Saturday there was a lot of food around and while I made a lot of low point stuff compared to what we would usually have, I still went way over. And I'm sure the 3 glasses of champagne I had didn't help! That is a lot for me, more than I have had to drink since the beginning of the year. Then to top it off we ate the leftovers on Sunday for lunch. I must say though that I am proud that I totally avoided the mud cake altogether, probably the only positive thing that came out of the weekend!

I guess I should try to be extra good this week in case it catches up with me on the scales next week. And that will mean fulfilling my exercise goals for this week.

Water update for the week: 2.25L Mon - Fri and 2L on Sat and Sunday. Today I have had 2.5L and couldn't possibly drink anymore tonight.

This is how it looks so far

My BABY is 8 today!!

Today is Claudia's 8th Birthday. Wow! I can't believe how quickly she has grown up. She has been pretty spoiled and got a new bike, an iPod Shuffle, money, gift cards, clothes, itunes card, and lots of Tinkerbell stuff from Maddie. Obviously it doesn't matter how old you get you never grow out of Tinkerbell.

On Saturday night our friends Kathleen, Phil, Jonathon and Matthew came over for a barbecue dinner to celebrate. Then this afternoon Claudia's friend Darcy and her mum Caroline came over for afternoon tea, and a small ice cream cake. And since she was up soooo early this morning with excitement (as you do when you are 8) she was asleep in five minutes flat tonight!

18 August 2006

Proud Mum

Today I went to watch Maddie in the school choir. They were competing against 5 other schools in the region ... and THEY WON!!! They all sounded fantastic and I was so glad that I could be there to watch. I wasn't going to go because I had to work but since it was quiet I took the day off and went. She was so happy that I was there and the big smile on her face certainly made it worth it. She had been quite upset when she thought neither Gerard or I could make it.

So since I had the day off I then went for coffee (well skinny hot chocolate for me) with my friend Caroline at Gloria Jeans and then out to lunch with Kathleen. After we had finished lunch (2 hours later!) we headed off to Target and did a bit of retail therapy. Followed by a quick trip to Katies before picking up the girls where I purchased 8 shirts (t-shirt casual type tops) for the warmer weather. To top it off with all the sales that are on I saved almost $100 ($45 on the pants and $50 on the shirts at Katies). Gotta love bargains like that!

So aside from the little detour from my points (see post below) it was a pretty good day!

Not such a good WW's Day

The day started off great, when I tried on some new grey pants I had picked up off layby and they fitted (being optimistic I had bought them too tight and couldn't do the buttons up when I first tried them on). I wore them with a nice black jacket (which also couldn't be done up properly a few months ago) and was complimented by not one but TWO people on how good I looked today! Boy does that giv eyou a confidence boost.

Hopefully I didn't undo my hard work, because I went about 3 points over today but it could have been more because I am just having a guess. I went out for lunch with my friend Kathleen and I chose a grilled chicken salad which had a heavier dressing on it that I had thought it would (forgot to ask them to put the dressing on the side) so I didn't eat all of the salad because I was worried it would be too many points.

Then everyone else had desert and I really wanted some mud cake. So I asked the guy to omit the ice cream and cream and only serve 1/3 of it onto my plate (luckily they were small serves!) and put the rest in a takeaway container which I took home to the girls. I must add, that this is pretty good for me because pre-WW I would have had a big creamy pasta dish and ALL of the cake with ice cream so I suppose I can be proud of myself for that small effort. lol. It only ended up being about 3 tablespoons of cake in the end but I still had it when I shouldn't have.

Then just to top off my horendous eating day we went to McDonalds for dinner because we had promised the girls all week. I did only have the 5pt chicken tandoori deli choice and a few of Maddie's chips but after lunch I could have done without it.

At least I realise that I have overeaten and take steps to make up for it over the weekend. This in itself is going to be hard because we are having a BBQ for Claudia's Birthday on Saturday. I am thinking ahead though and serving low point nibblies (salsa, rice crackers, vegie sticks, tzatziki dip) and we are having chicken skewers and prawns instead of red meat. For the salad I have some no point dressings so all in all, IF i can stick to my plan I should come in on points and make up for my bad day today.

So mainly for my own benefit, here is a list of the good and bad things about today:

BAD: Over points, no fruit, and did not eat my quota of cereals, dairy or vegies either. I also didn't do any exercise because we got home so late and went straight out for dinner.
GOOD: Drank 2L of water, made the best choice possible points wise with both main meals (not including the desert of course!) and didn't snack between meals.

17 August 2006

It's the little things...

these days that remind me of my Dad and turn me into a blubbering mess. I thought things would get easier with time, but they haven't. Instead I find myself crying more and more. Maybe it's because it has been so long since I saw him and I am missing him so much. Maybe it's because it's the girls and my mum's birthdays this month and it's the first ones he has missed. Or it could be that Fathers Day is only a few weeks away and I am just not ready to handle that. It could even be a combination of all of these things.

Today at work I was looking in my handbag for something and in the side pocket which I never use there was a photo of dad (the one we used at the funeral) and the Eulogy that Gerard wrote for him. It was never read at the funeral but Gerard gave it to me and I must have put it in my bag in Sydney and forgotten it was there. So of course in the middle of the lunch room with the girl from work sitting there I pulled out this photo and just started to cry - totally unexpected.

I often wonder how long it will be before I can look at a photo of him or watch an old video and not cry . I hope it is soon because I really want to remember all of the happy stuff but I just can't get past my pain yet. I can't stop thinking of the last time I saw him and how awful it was to watch him go. I am so glad that I decided not to let the girls come then, because if these memories torture me so much I hate to think of what they would do to an 8 and 10 year old.

Anyway, now I'm just rambling so I will leave it at that. But it feels better to get it out even if nobody is listening.

Starving today!

I don't know why, but today I felt really hungry ALL day. Had a good breakfast, healthy lunch and pretty much stayed within points. I did not however get any fruit in like I planned, and although I said I would not have any sugar points I did have a WW's choc crisp bar. It was either that or a Cherry Ripe so I guess I did the best I could at the time. Good thing I always keep one in my bag for when I get that 'really need a chocolate' feeling. [Note to self: replace choc crisp bar in handbag].
Made a zuchinni and vegetable slice for dinner and worked out the points - 40 for the whole recipe - ouch! and that was after substituting with WW's bacon and cheese. But at least I only had a 6th portion of it so about 7pts with a point free salad was okay for dinner I suppose. It was delicious :)
I still feel like I had a bad day and didn't eat as well as I should have though so I will try and get some fruit in for desert before I go to bed.

I am having lunch with my friend Kathleen tomorrow and we are going to a pub/hotel so I had them fax me the menu in advance so I could limit my choices to the lowest fat options. I have three choices (chicken, prawns or seafood meals) so no matter what I decide I feel like tomorrow I know I can make the best choice possible and still enjoy lunch out with my friend. The old me would have just gone and had steak and chips or calamari (or some full fatty fried thing) so I am pretty proud of myself that I am making more sensible choices that I used to.

Water intake for today was over 2L again so THAT was a good thing. And tomorrow I promise myself I will get on my treadmill.

16 August 2006


Today I came across a website gallery that included my sketch designs and many others created for 123-Scrap by Faculty members! Someone had actually removed the copyright and posted them without even asking. It just makes me so mad that they think it is okay to do this! The funny thing was when I registered at the site to ask about it, I had to tick an agreement that I would not post copyright material. Obviously a few double standards there huh.
I just hope they remove them as promised and the universe will be a happy place again :)

And with that I am going to take some deep breaths and go to bed.

It was a close one...ww update

I almost went over my points today but managed to stop at 20. I had a friend over for afternoon tea, and while I did get some low fat (very thin) biscotti I still had more than I planned. So while I had more sugar points than I should have, I still stayed within my points and even managed to go to the store to pick up some chocoate treats for Gerard and the girls without getting myself ANY. Now that is an achievement for me. lol
Only bummer was, due to my visitors and then a mad rush for dinner I didn't do the treadmill today so that will be a priority tomorrow.
Water intake: 2.25L! woohoo

15 August 2006

Another day over - and on points!

And I even managed to save a couple of points. I was going to use them for dessert but decided to save them since we are having a birthday dinner for Claudia on Saturday night and I may just need them ;) I can't miss out on my dd's birthday cake now can I? lol
AND I did 30mins on the treadmill. I am just easing back into it after being sick for the past couple of weeks, so will add 10mins on next time and so on until I get back up to an hour.
Oh and just to top it off I have managed to drink 2.5L of water for the day.

So all in all - a great day! Let's just hope I can keep it up and it will show on the scales again next week.

Lee and Cassie, thanks for your kind comments on my photo. You really now how to make a girl feel confident :) I can't wait until I can put up my 'after' photo.

My Virtual Model

Check this site out! You can make a virtual model of yourself before and after weightloss and it will show you a comparison. Totally cool! My Virtual Model. And you get to dress it too.
I have serious doubts though that my stomach will miraculously go flat though just because I reach goal weight. lol

WW Update

I think I will post my WW's (Weight Watchers) updates separately just to make things easier. That way if you're not interested in my Weight loss journey you will know to avoid those posts ;)

I signed up officially on 7th August 2006 and weighed in at 80.7kgs!! I was shocked because that is more than 6kgs heavier than my scales at home say. I know I had lost a few kgs at home first so I dread to think what I would have been on the WW's scales when I started at the beginning of the year. Oh well, can't dwell on these things.

Anyway my first weigh in was last night after 1 week on points and I LOST 1.7KGS!!! Woohoo! My first goal this week was to drink 2L of water a day and I achieved that and was really happy. It made a difference to my snacking too! I wasn't craving food so much and found that the water really kept me more alert and it was easier to stick to my points.

So my official stats are:

Start weight: 80.7kgs (177.54lbs)
Goal weight: 62kgs (136.4lbs)
Current weight: 79kgs (173.8kgs)
Total to lose: 18.7kgs
Total lost so far: 1.7kgs
Height: 162cms (5ft 2in)

This weeks goal: Do at least 3-4 sessions on the treadmill per week. And if you are after some inspiration yourself in the weightloss department, I fully recommend the WW"s website - some really inspiring success stories and the forums are a constant source of encouragement and information!

Coming out of hiding

Wow has it really been so long since I updated? Well to be honest it's not like anyone is hanging on to my every word so I guess it doesn't really matter. lol I have decided though to start being more regular now and keep my blog updated - so stay tuned!
Lots of reasons why I haven't been on. Just busy, busy, busy, oh and sick! yep had a virus/throat infection thing that just did NOT want to go away! only starting to feel better this week after more than 2 weeks feeling like crap!
So here is a brief update on what's been going on:
* Coco (more affectionately known as 'the bean') has settled in beautifully and when she's not being psycho is a wonderful girl to have around.
* Maddie celebrated her 10th birthday on 2nd August. TEN!!! When did that happen?? she is so grown up and gets more beautiful every day.
* Dh got a promotion! a little more money which means I might cut back to 4 days a week. Still considering that though. Will have to give it some more thought.
* I officially joined Weight Watchers! Decided I could no longer kid myself that I could go it alone without weighing in so joined on 7th August. Will post a separate update about that.
* I scrapped on Sunday! lol Only one layout but now that I am feeling better I can sense my creativity coming back and can't wait to get some time to do more. HERE is the link to my latest layout (using some old photos of Madison when she was two and a half) Again .. WHEN did she grow up to be such a big girl???

Yep, I think that's about it! Probably more information than you wanted or needed anyway. lol So I guess it's back to work for me.

Have a great day!