28 November 2006

Mini Chocolate Puddings ...YUMMMM!!!!

See instructions below.
I made these today for a Christmas Party I am going to tonight, and thought I would share the instructions for anyone that might like to make them. The kids love them, and they are so easy to make. I got the recipe last Christmas from my friend Christine and they were a real hit at Xmas lunch.

2 packets of chocolate royal biscuits (or Marshians), the ones with the marshmallow inside them.
1 packet of white chocolate melts
1 bag of Jaffas
1 bag spearmint leaves

Melt the white chocolate over boiling water until smooth.
Allow to cool for a little while before pouring 1 tablespoon onto each biscuit (I find it easier to do one at a time)
Cut the spearmint leaves in half and place 2 halves and a Jaffa onto the top of each one.
Refrigerate until the chocolate is set.

It's that easy!! Enjoy :)

27 November 2006

Just to be fair

And to prove that my family aren't really a bunch of freaks, here is the nice version of the photo I posted on the weekend. Ahhh, that's much better isn't it?
With dh away this week, it has turned out to be the busiest week of the month for me. Typical! Tomorrow between me and the girls, we have 4 things on between 4pm and 9pm, and none of them are together! lol I guess they don't call it the silly season for nothing. Wednesday night however, I am looking forward to a nice quiet one at home and hope to make a dent in my Christmas cards. I would love to get them out next week if possible and have only made a handful so far.
The girls want to put the Tree up this week too, but I need to make some room first. Between the computer, treadmill and the new couch there is no space in the living room to put it!
Saturday night are their dancing concerts (one for each of them as Claudia is still in Junior and Madison has moved to Senior). So that means sitting through 2 whole 3 hour concerts..arrrgghhh! Just to watch the girls dance for about 8 mins each. Will I be glad when that is over? YOU BET!
Then Monday night is the school presentation night and carols by candlelight, before school ends for the year on Thursday. YES THURSDAY! Whose dumb idea was it to break up for the holidays so early? Since I still have to work right through to the 22nd, it is going to make things quite difficult to say the least. And they don't go back until 30 January 2007 so I had better start coming up with ways to occupy them for almost 2 months I suppose.
I can't wait until everything settles down so I can get back into some serious scrapbooking, as I have a lot of work to catch up on! And I have missed being my messy, creative self lately.

1st week without a meeting...

and I didn't do too badly. Still managed a loss of .550 which is good considering it's that time where I usually retain quite a bit (if you know what I mean). It means I have officially less than 10kgs to go until I reach my goal!
I spoke to someone from WW's last week, and was told I can join the 'At Home' program in 6 week blocks and then return to my meetings when they are up and running again (probably about Feb next year). So that is good. I will miss the weekly motivation I get from the meetings but there are always the WW Forums which are a constant source of inspiration.
I have joined the GWED (Goal weight end of December) challenge and want to lose another 3kgs before 1/1/07. And I am hoping to reach my WW goal weight by Valentines Day next year. But I will just have to wait and see how much damage is done at Christmas time!

26 November 2006

See what I have to live with?

Can you imagine having to live with these faces every day? Good thing I love them so much, huh!

In fact, I think I will print this photo out and take it to work to put on my desk. If I am having a bad day, these faces are SURE to make me smile :)

20 November 2006


I lost 400g tonight at weigh in and reached my 10% goal, and got my star! (Sorry about the poor image, but it was a little bumpy to scan). That means I have lost 10% of my bodyweight and I am not only 10.4kgs off my goal weight. Hopefully next week that will be a single digit!

On a sadder (and much more frustrating note) they have CANCELLED our WW meeting - as of tonight! The leader is leaving town and they have not got a replacement - well not one that they are willing to consider - so that is that. After all the hard work we have done we how have to find another option. Which means either the at home program (with no meeting support or a place to weigh in) or join Trimplicity - the only other local weightloss alternative.

Let me tell you, there were a lot of pissed off members tonight!!

BUT I will NOT let this derail me. I am determined to continue on my journey, and who knows, I may even become a leader myself! Now wouldn't that be one for the books. lol

Oh and another milestone today - a new size 12 pair of jeans!! WOOHOO!!
Just thought I might as well end this post on a positive note. lol

19 November 2006

As long as I have music ...

That was the name of the musical show that the girls were in this week. It was a great show, and the girls did a wonderful job but it is a relief that it is now over. There have been huge amounts of rehearsals two to three nights a week and on Saturdays for the last few weeks, so it is now one more thing we don't have to worry about as the silly season approaches.
Madison sang eight songs and Claudia sang three and they were both awesome! Maddie even did a duet and a solo.

Who's gonna push me?

It's been a while since I posted some Coco pics, so here is one I took this week. She is 6months old this month (which means not long now until the operation) and then she can go outside to play! In the meantime, she likes to get in the girls doll pram and wait to be pushed around the house. She just loves it!


Finally after being in this house for 12 months we got a couch for the lounge room. It is sooo comfy with a great longer bit to sit and put your feet up. It is ocean blue suede so now we have to train the cat not to use it as a scratching post! I have ordered more of the cushions and hopefully they will be here in a week or two. And I have to repaint the feature wall from eggplant to a dark chocolate colour so that it matches. I guess that will be next weekend's project!

13 November 2006


While I did have a loss this week, it wasn't quite the 720g I was hoping for. I lost another half a kilo so I still have 220g to go until I reach my 10%. I suppose I should be grateful, because I had a couple of blowouts last week and didn't stick to my sugar points like I should have.

So I am only giving myself 1 goal this week - no more than 14sugar points! I pretty much have the water and walking thing down so this is my next thing to master.

This pic was taken 1kg ago (2.2lbs) with my new size 12 grey work skirt and size 12 shirt. Not the best pic (taken by my 10yo looking up - never flattering!) but at least it is an updated photo :)

07 November 2006


Well another marginally successful week this week. I weighed in last night with a loss of just over half a kilo (1.21lbs) so I was happy with that. After being sick for most of the week and not being able to walk for 4 days, I really thought I might have ended up with a gain.

I only have 720g until I reach my 10% lost goal and I am hoping to reach that next week. Some of my personal goals this week are:

* To walk 5 times for 1 hour
* Do my BLC exercises
* Not to consume any more than my 14 sugar points for the week

And for some exciting news (well for me and the other 2 people that read my blog).. today I am wearing... wait for it ... A SIZE 12 SKIRT!!! It is a new one I picked up from Katies a few weeks ago in the hopes that I may one day fit into it, and today was that day :)

Now if that doesn't motivate me this week, then nothing will! Plus when I reach my 10% goal my reward is to have french acrylic nails done again, so I really want to do that next week.

Oh and today at 1pm I am having my hair cut, so will try and get a pic with the new 'do' and the skirt to post later :)

Have a great day!

01 November 2006


Oops, I've been a bit remiss in updating this blog lately. Lots going on. Work is busy, and I have been unwell this week with a good dose of the flu resulting in some time off work. It also means I haven't walked for a few days and I am really missing my exercise (who would have thought you would hear me say that!) lol Hopefully this afternoon that will change and I can manage to do at least half an hour.

Since my last update I have had one gain of .45 and two losses totalling 1kg. This week's loss was .8 which I was thrilled with being ttom and everything.

I am now only 1.3kgs off my 10% goal (losing 10% of my starting weight) so hopefully I will reach that in the next two weeks. And since it is only 7 weeks until Christmas I am going to be ambitious and try to lose another 5kgs by then - that would just be the best Xmas present to myself ever!! And hopefully Santa WON'T leave me a weightloss book under the tree again this year. And if he does I will be definitely whacking him over the head with it a few times ;)

And this is my latest progress chart - woohoo!