26 April 2007

I've been tagged!

Pam has tagged me on her blog so here's how it works: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves.
People who are tagged need to blog about their seven things and post the rules as well.
At the end of your post, choose 7 people to tag and list their names.
Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog! OK, here goes...

1) I was a bit of a goody-two-shoes growing up. I never skipped off school, lied to my parents or snuck out at night. Boring huh! But don't worry, I made up for it later ;) lol

2) I planned my wedding in 6 weeks and dh and I moved across the country 2 days after we got married. We were going to stay for 2 years but are still here ... almsot 13 years later!

3) I can't drive a manual car. I did learn once when I was 17 but haven't done it since. We have a manual 4WD here but Gerard is the only one that uses it. It is on my 'to do' list for 2007 though!

4) I hate coffee! Have never drank it in my life, even though my mum and dad were both coffee addicts. In fact none of my siblings drink it either.

5) I have quite a jealous streak. Not pretty I know, but luckily it doesn't come out very often ;)

6) I am a real chocoholic. The most I have gone without chocolate in the last 15 years is about 2-3 days. I can't last longer than that.

7) I really dislike most vegetables, but make myself eat them. But would much rather I didn't have to!

So that's me. I am having trouble finding 7 people that haven't already done this, but for starters I am tagging Christine and Lee and had better go and see who else I can find! lol

The Girls Weekend

As I have mentioned before in a couple of previous posts, I recently went down to the Margaret River wine region for a weekend away at Wildwood Valley. The weekend included a Thai Cooking class with a fantastic chef and I have to say that the food she served up, as well as the recipes we cooked were some of the best meals I have ever eaten .. and that is no exaggeration! So if you are ever looking for a fantastic weekend away, I would totally recommend it!

(Karine, me and Kathleen)

Here is the basic rundown of our trip ... including some pics :)

THURSDAY: 8.30am - Kathleen and I headed off on the 7 hour drive to Perth. We had organised to break the trip up by spending the night at Kathleen's parents before completing the additional 3 hour trip down to Yallingup/Margaret River. And we managed to do a little shopping in Perth as well.

FRIDAY: 8.00am - We picked up one of Kathleen's work collegues (Karine) and drove down south. First stop was Bussleton where we had lunch on the water at this restaurant called 'The Goose'. It was nice to be near the coast, since we don't often get to the beach!

The Goose Restaurant where we had lunch

Some of the buildings on the jetty

After we had stopped for lunch we hit the road again and visited a few Vineyards to stock up for the weekend, before finally arriving at Wildwood Valley. The 3 course welcoming dinner was actually more like a 5 course Thai spectacular ... and as I mentioned the food was some of the BEST I have ever eaten!! Everything was so delicious and I ate so much I actually found it hard to move afterwards. lol

The menu included; seared salmon salad with a roasted eschallot and chilli dressing; braised beef shin with a hot and sour salad, a wonderful chicken dish which I have forgotten the name of at the moment, a curry dish and to finish a Torta di Limone (or lemon/lime tart) with fresh cream .. did I mention it was DELICIOUS?!?!?!

Then we retired to our beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom cabin (below), unable to move a lot but feeling VERY contented.

SATURDAY: we started with a walk at 7.00am before heading off to the main house for breakfast. I had some fruit, cereal and poached eggs on toast - yummo! Then at 10.30am it was time to put on our aprons and get cooking! well trying to learn at least.

(me, second from the left - ready to cook!)

After we had finished cooking (four and and a half hours later), we sat down to enjoy our feast. Needless to say, there was no dinner for us on Saturday night and we finished off with some cheese and wine in our cabin at about 8pm.

Did I mention what we learnt to cook? It was; Grilled scallops with peanut nahm jim; grilled beef with green papaya salad and red nahm jim; crisp braised duck with plum sauce; yellow curry of chicken and pumpkin with a cucumber relish and to finish; a black sticky rice with poached banana in coconut cream. Did I mention how delicious it all was???

Kathleen, ready to enjoy the grilled beef!

SUNDAY: After another beautiful breakfast we packed up the car and headed off. We drove down to Margaret River stopping at some Olive Oil places, as well as another vineyard and my favourite The Margaret River Chocolate Company (below). Where we of course stocked up on some yummy chocolate to bring home.

We arrived back in Perth on Sunday night and stayed at Kathleen's mum and dads again before finally driving back to Kalgoorlie on Monday. Quite a whirlwind trip, but SO MUCH FUN!! And we can't wait to do it again. Next time though we are going to do the Italian cooking class.

Trying to catch up

OH MY GOD!! I can't believe I just typed up a page of text and lost it when trying to change the type size.... how does that happen?? ARRGGGHHH!!! Oh well, here goes again (not that I can remember everything I just spent 25 minutes typing out).

The holidays are over and it was back to work for me today and back to school for the girls. It was a great 3 weeks off with Gerard and the girls, plus I also spent 5 days last week on a girls weekend away, which was AWESOME! But more details on that later.

I returned home on Monday night and Gerard and the girls surprised me with a little birthday party. My birthday was actually on Tuesday but since Gerard had to fly out for Africa at 8am Tuesday morning, we had to celebrate early. He won't be home for three weeks, and I am missing him already since I had been away for the 5 days before he left. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I hope that's true! because there's been a lot of that lately. LOL

For my birthday (and in case you are wondering, I am 30ish - okay, the higher end of 30ish) I got some Lindt chocolates, jewellery from Madison, a keyring from Claudia, some homemade cards from the girls, a bracelet from my mum, some flowers and a pendant from my friend Caroline and a gorgeous hot chocolate for 1 set including the cutest pink cup from my friend Kathleen. That wasn't a total surprise since we got it when we were away in Margaret River, but I love it! I also got some new stamps which should arrive this week, and I ordered myself a gorgeous burner and some candles from a Partylights Candle party I went to before I left.

So all in all, a great birthday. Except for the part where my dh left in the morning! but the girls and I went out for breakfast and just had a nice day hanging out together.

As for the weekend away, I think that deserves it's own post. So stay tuned!

14 April 2007

Has it really been 2 months??!!??!!

Ooops, to the whole three people that actually read my blog, I apologise! But trust me, you haven't missed much. I cannot believe it has really been 2 months - time flies even when you aren't having fun. Or so it appears! So here is a condensed version of what's been going on in my life since I last posted.

The girls are on school holidays at the moment and so are Gerard and I. We aren't going away but are having a lovely time sleeping in and just all hanging out together for longer than one day. I am really enjoying the break from work after a hectic few months. Monday we are taking the girls to the movies to see Happily N'ever After so I hope it is good.

I am going away on Thursday down to Wildwood Valley near Margaret River (in the south of WA) for a girls weekend - CANNOT WAIT!! The weekend also includes a 4 hour Thai Temptations cooking class, so it should be fun. As well as lots of relaxation, hanging out with the girls and I am sure consuming a fair share of alcohol :) I will be sure to share pics on my return.

And on Tuesday morning straight after I get back (on Monday night) Gerard leaves for Africa for 3 weeks. On my BIRTHDAY of all days!! I am a bit bummed about that but it can't be helped. We will just have to celebrate on Monday night before he goes.

Since I last posted, my mother-in-law has been for a visit and we had a great time. It is always so nice to have her here and the girls are always devastated when she leaves. The next family visitor will be my mum, and she will be coming in the next school holidays (in July).

Well not much has been happening there lately either! I have managed a few pages and some cards over the last month but that's about it. Am hoping to get some more done over the next week though, before I go back to work.

I also had to (sadly and with a heavy heart) resign my position of faculty member at 123-Scrap! because I was so sick of letting the rest of the team down and feeling guilty all the time. I am hoping that when my scrapping mojo returns to me and life settles down a bit I can find my way back into the team.

Again ... not much progress! I have been hovering over the same couple of kilos for the last 6 weeks (so frustrating!) but finally had a good loss last week of 1.1kgs. I still haven't managed to break through that 70kg barrier ... only 500g to go now. I just have to get back to the basics of the program and I know it will work. Sadly I seem to have been lacking in motivation lately and Easter certainly hasn't helped.

I am grateful though that I haven't put on any of the weight I have lost so far, and am happily buying all my clothes in a comfy SIZE 12!!! I am now 6.4kgs away from goal...so close!

Well finally after 18 years of having chipped and discoloured front teeth (I broke them in a car accident when I was 20) I am having some major dental work done. I was hoping it would be finished by my birthday but I have to wait until May for my front Crown/veneers as I needed some other more serious work done first. This included a rather traumatic extraction and stitches after having an abcess removed from my gums .. boy am I so glad that is over!! Now I am excited about the 'cosmetic work' to the front teeth. There are still some other crowns and fillings to be done too, but that is routine stuff.
So the big day for the new smile is 17th May .. and don't worry, I will share pics :) It has been so long since I could feel comfortable smiling for the camera.

That's about it I think! I will have to work on being a better blogger this month and keep the three of you updated ;)

Have a great weekend!