15 July 2007

Over already???

I can't believe that mum's visit has come and gone already :( She left this morning at 8am and we are all missing her already (even Lucy, who was her shadow while she was here).

We didn't do anything too exciting but we did hang out a lot together, went out for dinner, played lots of games (Yahtzee, Scrabble and the new Buzz playstation game) as well as sitting around doing lots of crosswords and Sudoku. Mum is a crossword junkie! lol But I have got her hooked onto the Sudoku now too.

Now I have to get my house organised and get ready to go back to work tomorrow. I am not looking forward to the pile of stuff to be done when I get back!

So I will finish off now with a few photos from Mum's visit.
Ciao :)