25 March 2008

Easter Weekend

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter (and didn't eat as much chocolate as I did!) You know, the best intentions and all that.
We just had a quiet weekend at home and then on Monday we went out bush and found a dam to catch some yabbies. We got a huge haul and then went back to a friend's place and cooked us up a great dinner (much to Claudia's disgust!). She wanted to set every one of the yabbies free after we had caught them but sadly for her, she never succeeded in her goal and many a yabbie lost his/her life. We did throw the very small ones back in though.
While we were out there we cooked jaffles (toasted sandwiches) in an open pit fire and had a great time. The kids loved all the mud, yes even little girls love to get filthy dirty now and then.
Here are a few pics from our day out in the bush.

Claudia in an old rusty car that we found.

The Yabbies(still alive at this point)

Claudia in front of an old tractor.

Maddie in the old bedford truck(notice the bullet hole in the back window!)

The jaffles all cooking away nicely. Yum!

Just the front of the old truck .. I loved the colour :)

So now it's back to work for the rest of the week and I need to try and get some exercise in to burn off all that chocolate! At least I am pleased to say I can walk again and my calves have almost fully recovered. Just in time for this week's step class.

Have a great week!

22 March 2008

Finally finding time to scrap

Since I am still virtually crippled (yes my legs are THAT sore) what else is a girl to do but scrap? And after our virtual birthday crop last weekend at 123-Scrap! I have plenty of inspiration to keep me going. The sketches and layout challenges were awesome as always so I have no excuses for not having any good ideas for a page now.

Here is the first layout using one of Pam's original sketches.
This is Claudia with my mum's bird Buddy. They just adore each other and Claudia gives him so much attention and takes hm everywhere with her, and when we stay there he is constantly screaming at her to get him out of the cage! She would love to bring him home, and Nanny would let her too only Daddy has said no and since Daddy's word is final (well usually) it looks like Buddy will have to stay with Nanny for a little while longer.

21 March 2008

Never again!!

That is what I was saying when I got out of bed this morning ... and couldn't walk!!!

Why you may ask? Well after a couple of years away from the gym I decided to start going back to some classes as I figured the points counting on it's own just wasn't going to cut it anymore, and I really missed the classes I used to do.

So after doing a few pump classes over the last few weeks I decided it was time to go back to Body Step .... and since it has been 2.5 years since my last class, let's just say my calf muscles have seized up and ceased to work! LOL It is quite a sight, I assure you. From the knees up I feel pretty much fine (just a little tight) but those calves are really punishing me today and I am walking like the Tinman before he got his oil. But will I go back next week? YOU BET!! It was great :)

Despite having legs that didn't work when I got out of bed, I decided the best thing to do was keep moving. So I went out to wash the new baby (I mean car) then continued on with some tidying up, washing, vacuuming, mopping of all the floors and cleaning up my craft table ready to get some work done this weekend.

I have almost managed to finish one layout and hope to get some more creative stuff done over the next couple of days.

Gerard on the other hand had a very big night on the grog last night (that's alcohol for my non Aussie friends) and spent all day ...yes ALL day in bed, finally getting up at 6.50pm tonight! That is probably why I got so much done today ;) I'm sure you ladies know what I mean.

So tomorrow morning it is off to grocery shopping nice and early followed by a quiet day at home and some more scrapping. I may even try and get a walk in to ease those muscles back into action.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter and just the right amount of chocolate.

18 March 2008

I have been tagged!

Lee tagged me and since nobody hardly ever tags me I thought I should play :) So here's how this one works:
Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.(This may be hard because I don't really have 7 people!) lol
Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So about me:
1: I hate coffee! In fact I even hate anything coffee flavoured. My mother and father were both huge coffee drinkers, yet somehow all three of their children can't stand the stuff - go figure!
2. I have never been out of the country (sad, but true).
3. I cannot drive a manual car (I did 1 lesson in one when I was 17 but have not driven one since)
4. I am a chocoholic - in that I cannot go a day without it. Once I went two days without it and I swear I was going to die! Since I don't smoke and hardly drink though, I can afford one addiction.
5. I have always wanted to learn sign language - and I am positive that one day I will!
6. When I was about young I almost drowned in a rip at the beach and a lifeguard saved my life. I have been scared of the surf ever since and have a fear of drowning. I just hate being underwater too long or having water over my face.
7. I have a splinter in the palm of my hand (it was the nib of a texta) and I got it when I was only about 10 years old. Doctors have tried to remove it and failed and it has been there ever since and never caused me any problems (except when they tried to dig at it). So I am keeping it :)

Now I tag: Pam, Karisma, Rach, Christine, and that's all I got! Lee has already done it so I can't tag her again :)

Have a great day!

15 March 2008

Wanna see what I got?

I got this new little baby yesterday :) Don't you just LUUURRRVVE that new car smell (not to mention the smell of leather). It is a Honda Civic Sports Sedan.

We decided to downsize from a V6 to a 4 cylinder vehicle - with the price of fuel it saves us about $30 each time we fill the tank! Plus it has all the extra little luxuries that my old car didn't. Gotta love that! Of course the kids' favourite part is the sunroof. And now that the girls are older and there are no more carseats, prams etc it didn't make sense to drive a bigger car just around town every day.

(I couldn't get a good interior shot so I took the inside ones from the website. Mine is identical only auto transmission, not manual). And the windows will be getting tinted this week!

And I had to add this one for Claudia! She was dying to do this. lol

09 March 2008

A couple of pocket cards

Here are two quick cards I made tonight. One is a criss-cross card and the other is just your basic old library card pocket. Each just have simple pull out cards inside to write your sentiment on.

08 March 2008

A quick update

Lots going on at the moment. Gerard has been travelling again. First to Papua New Guinea then just to Perth for a week. He is home now until April so before he goes away again we will travel to Perth together to look at suburbs and schools in anticipation for a big move back to the city at the end of this year.

I have also been doing 2 Weight Watchers meetings a week for about a month filling in for the regular leader who was away. But she got back this week so I will have a break from that now. Still have to work there, but not take the actual meeting thank goodness.

Some medical issues lately too. I found a lump in my breast a couple of weeks ago. Have had an ultrasound which thankfully did not show anything much but have a follow up appointment on Monday with the doctor and she is going to probably send me for a mammogram just to be sure. I am not as worried now though after the ultrasound. Besides, a lump can be so many non-scary things. Yet when you find one you can't help but start to think the worst!

On the good side, since I was at the Doctors (and I so rarely am - that was my first visit in a couple of years for myself) I decided to get all my iron, cholesterol, sugar and hormone levels checked. All results were good and I am otherwise in pretty good health. Yay!

Haven't done a lot of scrapping, but have been doing some quick cards. So that is all I have to share at the moment :) Stay tuned though, because there is a big online scrap at 123-Scrap! next weekend so that is sure to inspire me to get stuff done.

So I will leave you with a few recent cards and call it a night. Have a great weekend.