27 August 2008

More catch up ...

Well Dh left on Sunday again for another three weeks, but before he left Madison made her Confirmation on Saturday night and her daddy filled in for her sponsor (her grandmother). So I just thought I would share a few pics of the event. As well as a few cards I made recently.

I cased this card (above) from the new Stampin' Up! Catalogue because I just loved it's smplicity.

22 August 2008

Proud Mummy Alert!

Last weekend (just before her birthday party started!) Claudia competed in and sang two songs for the Goldfields Performing Arts Festival ... and she won second place! Which is awesome considering she was the only one in the competition that does not take singing lessons. All the other competitors sang abbreviated songs from a vocal coaching book, which were only a minute long each, but Claudia chose Someone's watching over me by Hilary Duff and I've got to go my own way from High School Musical 2 (which is a duet and she sang both parts!) Each were full length songs, but she pulled them off beautifully and never lost her way once. I think I was more nervous than she was.
The feedback from the judges was fantastic and very encouraging, going so far as to say 'she shows lead singer potential' and that 'she has ability to harmonise and change beautifully with the music, which is something that cannot be taught - you either have it or you don't'. How cool is that! she was pretty proud of herself too. And the neat thing was that she was accompanied by her dad on guitar, who also got glowing praise on his playing ;) In a couple of weeks Madison will compete in the same competition but in the Under 15 Guitar Solo section, and I know she is going to be great too!
So I will leave you with a photo of Claudia and her handsome accompanist after the performance.


Before two months turns into three, I guess it is time I posted something!! Life here has been crazy busy (in a good way) but things are slowly calming down a little. So here is just a quick recap of what I've been up to since my last post (was it really almost two months ago?)

Firstly we had a visit from my mother-in-law, who came to stay for the two week school holiday break. It was so great to just spend time with her and the girls really loved having her around!

Well there have been many! Madison turned 12 on 2nd August and she celebrated with a sleepover party which went from 3pm on the Saturday to 11am on the Sunday. A great time was had by all and I was surprised at how well behaved all the girls were, and they even managed to get to sleep by midnight (and no I didn't put phenergen in their milk). lol

Claudia also had a birthday just yesterday and turned DOUBLE DIGITS!! When did my baby get so grown up? She also had a sleepover party last weekend and sadly the ten year olds were not quite as easy to manage and well behaved as the older girls ... but there were no major dramas and they all had a fun time. Just a little bit more high maintenance is all.

In between my mother-in-law celebrated a birthday and the big news which I couldn't share before (because she reads my blog sometimes) MY MUM TURNED 60!! So what does any good daughter do when their mother turns 60? Throw her a surprise party of course! No easy feat when you live on the other side of the country, let me tell you! But with the help of mum's best friend Val, who organised the cake and balloons for me, as well as contacting mum's old line dancing buddies, we pulled it together and mum had a wonderful time, as did we all! She got the surprise of her life and I can honestly say I have not seen her smile so much in a LONG time.

I had spent the three days prior to mum's party in Perth at a training course and flew out at 4am the morning of the party, arriving just after lunchtime. Then it was a mad rush to get ready, pick up some nibblies etc for the party and head over the the function room to set up. Needless to say I was pretty tired early on, but managed not to fall asleep in my drink. The turnout was great with more than 50 people showing up, including quiet a few that travelled a long way to be there.

This is mum when she first came in and saw her sister (who she rarely sees, and lives up in Tweed Heads) they were both crying .. in a good way of course!

I then stayed another 5 days and just enjoyed hanging out with mum, going to dinner, playing Bingo together and generally just catching up.

Me and Mum at the party.

Tomorrow Madison makes her Confirmation and then Sunday Gerard leaves for PNG for 3 weeks work ... and I will be catching up on lots of stamping, scrapping and watching movies with the girls.

So there you have it, that is what has kept me away lately. But I'm back now and will share some more photos when I get a chance to get them organised.

Take care!